Upgraded SVP Mars-700

Upgraded delivery complex


Following the tradition established in the AKS-Invest, introduce new technologies into production, modernize and improve the products, in order to improve the quality, our company has upgraded one of the most important components of hovercraft. Now all commercially built amphibious ships "Mars-700", "Mars 2000" and "Mars-3000" in the mechanism of the drive inflators in the pillow to apply timing belts, and will be installed damping and overrunning clutch.

Application timing belt provides a uniform smooth progress of the transmission virtually without slippage and jerks when the load on the shaft and bearing mechanism is significantly lower than with the V-ribbed belts. Timing belts are not sensitive to changes in the intensity of the load, that is, even with frequent passage of the maximum load to minimum wear of the belt does not increase. Timing belts require no additional lubrication, operation zuboremennaya transmission, having a sufficiently high reliability and durability, does not require additional maintenance. The main advantages of application timing belts are a high coefficient of performance (COP) and durability. Due to the high efficiency not only increases productivity but also reduces energy costs. Thanks to a long life time, you can be sure of serviceability of the toothed belt, and thus the health of all in the discharge of the complex. Moreover, among the advantages of toothed belts note reliable operation at high speed and high load mode, when the minimum load intermittent vibration.

The use of damping and overrunning will:

• Protect blowers against torsional vibrations of the engine crankshaft; • Soothe fluctuations belt;

• Reduce the stroke belt tensioner;

• Reduce the tension in the belt drive;

• Reduce noise belt drive.

 This upgrade will allow the owner of the boat, not only to feel confident in knowing that the boat is set reliable delivery complex, which allows to travel long distances, but also increase comfort travel, as this improvement helps to reduce vibration and noise. The first two boats manufactured with this technology have already been sent to the customer in Finland.

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