Urban Legends: Kursk treasure dungeon

December 22, 2012 1:58

Urban Legends: Kursk treasure dungeonThe legend of the mysterious dungeons of Kursk has long passed here by word of mouth. Local rumors of hidden treasures. Not surprisingly, hunters can be found in Liping, and Kudeyarov woods and mountains. They say underground laid ancient tunnels that built Atlantis with nuclear technology.

UFO researcher and ethnographer Nikolai Borisov said that the Kursk no natural cavities and caves. All tunnels, if they did exist, were built by man. About intervention Atlantis nothing definite can be said so far, there is a legend that the first underground tunnels builders laid Kursk fortress. They connected with each other fortifications in and out of walls. It was necessary to deliver the fortress weapons and food in case of a prolonged siege or secret evacuation in an emergency.

But most of all excite the imagination of local residents rumors of treasures hidden in the dungeons. According to one legend, the river Tuskar drowned during Hurricane Boat Byzantine merchants who carried the precious gifts to the Russian prince, including a cast of solid gold sculpture of a horse. No one dared to look sunken treasure in great depth, so they are still and rest on the river bottom.

When rebuilt ladie's and men Trinity Monastery of the Sign, the monks lay new underground passages and updated existing ones. Tunnels laid to strengthen the monasteries, serving as the defensive structures: they were a fortress within a fortress. Legend has it that there were intimate passages, serving for the communication between men and women abode.

When Catherine II wealthy townspeople began to build stone houses with basements that are not only used as a cellar, but often hid there from thieves money and jewelry. Basements were connected by underground tunnels.

In 1815 the old church at the Monastery of the Sign demolished, and in 1816, the site began to build a new cathedral. In this case, the underground passages preserved, including a tunnel length of 50 m, leading from the fence to the left of the tower on the shore power Tuskar, where he was well disguised ¬ HYDRATED grotto — a way out of the dungeon. Another course was through the right tower, which was later demolished during the construction of the building of the Noble Assembly. At the beginning of XIX century, these passages blocked oak and stone slabs, and to the source, where the water is considered sacred, began to walk up the wooden stairs. Subsequently built near the source of the chapel.

During the revolution of 1917 wealthy kuryane by arrangement with priests hid in underground recesses of monasteries under their family jewels. In the 20 years of the last century, and the priests themselves were forced to move into the caves the most valuable church plate and icons so that they do not go to many organizations actually plundered churches, withdrawing values under the guise of helping the hungry or anti-religious propaganda. Later there supposedly bricked their treasures to go abroad wealthy — financiers, representatives of local authorities. There were rumors that some of the treasure remained in the tunnels under the houses on Lenin Street.

In the Great Patriotic underground tunnels served warehouses, shelters, civil defense. During the liberation of Kursk fascists who failed to get out of town, trying to hide in the basement of the Sign of the monastery, but the wages caught up with them here. Local youth who visited the underground tunnel under Pervomaiskii garden, told me that there is a niche chained skeletons of people in the remains of the German form. Who condemned them to a slow and painful death?

Dungeons constantly remind myself to this day. In the 50-ies of XX century, vocational school students found nearby monastery Root Hermitage near Kursk dip in the ground. This was the entrance to the cave, where the burial of high-ranking clerics. Young people managed to dig a perfectly preserved coffin of mahogany, and the Holy Well, they found silver coins.

Hunters travel the Kursk dungeons rife. Someone concerned with untold wealth, hidden, and immured in the tunnels, and some studies underground labyrinths of idle or scientific curiosity. But everyone explore mysterious dungeons to remember: exercise is not safe! Blockages can intercept at will, and the tunnels are often filled with radioactive gas — radon causing suffocation from him save even masks. In addition, in some basements since the war were ammunition depots.

Irina Shlionskaya

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