USA: black hole swallowed 300,000,000 suns




Astronomers the most powerful explosion in the history of observations of the universe — a black hole swallowed a huge chunk of matter. Calculations made on the basis of the observations suggest that these cosmic monsters can slow the formation of stars.

Capture the global cosmic cataclysm able professionals from the American Observatory Chandra — an article about the event appeared today in the prestigious journal Nature. The images captured by powerful telescopes, it is seen as a giant black hole weighing nearly a billion suns (!) Eats a piece of cloth.

Because of their deep rotation voracious scattered most of the "lunch" around in the form of hot gas. It shattered into space in the form of two symmetric cloud the size of 650 million light-years each, which are clearly visible in the picture.

First of all, the scientists struck the sheer scale of the event. Based on the fact that in such cases the proportion of emitted substances is about 10% of the total weight, experts have estimated that "swallowed" was 300 million solar masses, and gas that swept around, weighs more than our entire galaxy. "I was stunned," — says Brian McNamara, one of the authors of the article.

In the second interesting question — what has failed in a black hole — Astronomers have not yet given a clear answer. Might be involved in a cosmic catastrophe can be either a small galaxy, or that it would be even more surprising, the second black hole. The latter assumption put forward Paul Nalsen of the Center for Astrophysics Harvard-Smithsonian.

Scientists are not the first to observe these global events. In February, a smaller black hole tore one of the stars in the galaxy RXG-242-11. But the case was just another confirmation of the correctness of Einstein, who predicted the existence of such space monsters. And from the "Today" cataclysm (which actually lasted about 100 million years), astronomers have made just two inferences about the evolution of the universe.

Filmed explosion, of course, is not the most powerful in the history of our world, but the strongest of all, which could be observed. Until now, scientists believed that the events of this magnitude — it is much more distant past, when the area was inhabited by thick. In addition, the phenomenon sheds light on the mechanism of formation of stars in galaxies — in reality it is slightly less than predicted by theory. It used to be that after cooling to a certain temperature, the substance must necessarily stick together into stars. However, if such explosions feed its energy, it is not necessary.

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