USA: first sold cloned animal to order




In the U.S., for the first time to make a transaction for the sale of cloned animals to order. They became the 9-week kitten Little Nicky. The kitten cost its ordered it to $ 50,000.

Texas resident, who wished to keep his identity a secret for fear of being obsessed opponents of cloning, contact Genetic Savings and Clone, whose headquarters is located in San Francisco, with a request to clone her cat Nicky, who died a year ago.

"This is the same cat. It has the same character," — said a happy owner of a kitten.

Despite the fact that the office of Genetic Savings and Clone is located in San Francisco, the cloning of animals produced in the company's new laboratory in Madison (WI).

The company said that by May 2005, Genetic Savings and Clone hope to reach a "market cloning dogs," which is a much more promising.

Battery News, 23.12.2004 9:52
Source: MIGnews

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