USA: living organisms on Titan? — Why not?




Huygens spacecraft may encounter alien life in the commission of landing on Titan, said one U.S. expert. The European unit must descend by parachute on the largest moon of Saturn after a seven-year journey to the planet.

Titan — a moon surrounded by yellow clouds and dotted with black oily lakes of methane is believed to be reminiscent of the surface of the earth as it was billions of years ago.

Most scientists believe that there is no life there can not be too strong because of the cold, which would not be sufficiently large tanks of water, where they could have arisen and have at least the most primitive life handicaps. But Dr. Steven Benner of the University of Florida is convinced that life could arise and in the aquatic environment.

In the journal "Current status of chemical biology," he describes how the organisms could survive in that environment that exists on Titan.

He identifies two absolute requirements for life — suitable temperature range and a source of energy. Titan meets both these requirements.

"This suggests that if life — a special property of chemical reactivity, the Titan's life must be," — said Dr. Benner.

Battery News, 12.01.2005 13:32

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