USA: Saturns rings are thrown into space dust




Interplanetary probe Cassini managed to make the discovery, according to which it was found that one of the rings of Saturn are constantly flows originate dust, staring into open space. Scientists have previously guessed about these eruptions of Saturn's rings, but paradoxically seemed that microscopic particles can move at very high speed. First, these data were taken January 15, 2004, when the station was located at a distance of 70 million kilometers from the planet and the closer the Cassini approached Saturn, the stronger the impact of a particle on the side of the ship.

The data collected showed that the particle diameter is from 2 to 50 nanometers, and thus they are moving at 100 kilometers per second. High speed is due to the fact that the particles are initially charged by solar radiation, and then they begin to act Saturn's magnetic field. As a result, under the action of electromagnetic forces they fly away at high speed into space.

More than 10 years ago, in 1992, the space probe Ulissis already been discovered similar dust streams in the area of Jupiter. In this case, it was found that their sources are volcanoes that are overwhelmingly represented on Jupiter's moon Io. In this regard, scientists are inclined to believe that the release of dust is the original card of the major planets.

Battery News, 20.01.2005 18:24

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