V.Klaskovskaya: I pulled her hair, beat him, and then put in a cage

This morning of Leninsky district police department released Olga Klaskouski — sister of political prisoner Alyaksandr Klaskouski. She told RFE details of night events.

KlaskouskiIt happened last night. Two police officers were detained. They did not introduce themselves, I do not see any permits. They rang the doorbell, tied me … They came at night after twelve. Maybe I'm not very well done, that opened the door, but on the other hand, I just remembered the story of a brother when four months ago in this very apartment he rang the doorbell of the KGB, he did not open the door, and they just put up very quickly. .. Did not want to put the house on the ears, also in the apartment was my daughter. So to avoid unnecessary stress of circumstances, I decided to open the door herself.

They immediately called my name and middle name — "Olga? This is our izvesny zdes journalist? "With irony. Handcuffed me, and when I just started to ask" Why? What happened? "Absolutely not heard any explanation, just a barrage of curses, I will not retell it. Just a horror. When they took me out of the house and was standing next to a police car. Put me in handcuffs, ran after my mother , began complaining, crying. But roughly pushed her and made it clear that it is not her business.

I was taken to the Leninsky district police department. At the car, I experienced a not so pleasant moments, because, first of all fully locked hands, and secondly there but darkness, and do not know — where to carry that with you will be in five or ten minutes.

In the police department I also did not explain anything, and pulled her hair, beat him, and then put in a cage.

Znatkevich: And all this time you did not say in what capacity and on what business you're called?

Klaskouski: You know, I do not remember what it was exactly the time, but they mockingly said, "For Draco smiling police." But it's worth a laugh. First, why do I need this fight, and secondly — as I could with my growth to bring down several policemen 1.60, and most importantly — why? For our family already have enough grief to even look further unnecessary adventure.

In the Leninsky district police department I happened to meet a guy, policemen who served with Sasha. They came up and asked: "You Sashava sister?" I said, 'Yes.' One guy asked sympathetically: "Why are you barefoot? Let me quickly contact someone from the family, I zvyazhusya to you at least brought some shoes. "

Znatkevich: You, when taken out of the house, not even allowed to put on shoes?

KlaskouskiNo, I was barefoot all night. Plus I also have clothes torn. We can say that all that night I was almost naked. After I was transported to a site on Lenin Street, and there are very zealous one Ensign — hair pulled me into a man's camera and threw it to some homeless or repeat offenders. He constantly insulted, periodically came up, watching what happens in the chamber. Even the water was not given a drink. The only humanity — the guys who knew Sasha was even treated me a cigarette, sympathized. Questioned in detail about Alexander, when the court.

After that, the ensign who introduced Sergei and led me out of the chamber, and I saw on his desk a stack of papers — an impression that they have been prepared in advance — and says, "This is the report signed." I said, "I will not sign it. Firstly — it all? What am I accused of?" Accused of fighting with police and with defaming the president.

It was during this conversation, my taxi pulled up to the mother and daughter, went into this department, too, began to talk with the ensign. And he said: "You know, ana nasheva prezidenta askarblyaet!" And the mother says, "Your, but, sorry, not ours" …

Yet what touched me in this situation, except the physical and moral suffering — is that all the time threatened that I will not see the child. And when the very detention, and in all of these offices — scared that I found on various commissions for minors.

Well, at the moment I'm still trying to recover. What's next, I do not know and I try not to dramatize, but morally I was prepared, which again may at any time call on the door …

Znatkevich: And it was clear from this Protocol, What was your "defaming the president"?

Klaskouski: I have to be honest this is not even read the report. I just saw a stack of papers. So it was with the words of the ensign is unknown, so it really is. I was just in such a state, especially if the mother and daughter saw that probably wanted to escape from the place, and did not even look at the papers.

Znatkevich: And none of the police officers who interrogated you, which of you bullied, do not call his name?

Klaskouski: Only one gave his name — the one who was sitting in the duty of the second space — but I do not remember …

Znatkevich: You were shooting injury? Are you going to file a complaint against the police?

Klaskouski: Just now, I plan to call an ambulance because I want to have my head took a shot, because I feel a pain in the neck. And so they, too, have recorded all these injuries — officially, on paper. My daughter made a series of photos, but you need to confirm to have legal side. As for the explanation, then of course it would be very interesting to know why it happened, on what basis I was beaten, mocked, and generally what happens.

Even if I am somewhat suspect but have some sort of a look at this situation — but who gave the right to pull hair, beat and fun? It seems to me that even in our Belarusian law is nowhere spelled out that the police have the right to behave like this.

Znatkevich: And some of these policemen had mentioned your brother? Whether it is connected somehow with his case?

Klaskouski: Yes, I remember my brother. But I was in such a state of shock that a lot of nuances and details can not remember exactly. I was so impressed that they all knew about me right away — biographical information, what I do, that I was a journalist, I have a child — all this leads to some thoughts

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