Valentin Stefanovich: we recognize the convicted political prisoners

An activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" by Pavel Vinogradov sentenced to 4 years imprisonment in a strict regime, the Young Ales Kirkevich — for 4 years, a member of the initiative group Sannikov, Dmitri Drozd — to 3-year, non-partisan Andrew Protasenya — for 3 years, Vladimir Homichenko — on 3 years. Commenting on the sentences, a human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich, who monitored the entire process, said:

"The evidence is that in Minsk on December 19 were the riots, the court was not provided. Guilt is not proven these people an offense against the second part of Article 293rd, namely that they were directly involved in the riots. Speaking separately for each of the defendants, the relatively Kirkevich, in principle, there was no evidence that he was doing something. And why he was sentenced to four years, I do not understand. Apparently, for the fact that he is a member of the "Young Front"? The sentences are illegal and be canceled. And we insist on the release of all those imprisoned for the 293rd article and accept them unconditionally political prisoners.

Riots in Minsk on December 19 was not. This case is again stressed that the qualification is unacceptable actions of these people under two hundred and ninety third is not dealt with the actions that brought a threat to public safety. Public order, some actions may bring danger, but not public safety. Do not bring danger to life and health of citizens, as it is said in the article. So, naturally, we, human rights activists do not agree with such sentences. "


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