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Valeria Koustova

A few months ago — I think, the reason was in the air! — It was decided to nominate for the Nobel Prize of Literature of the Belarusian Vladimir Neklyaeva. It has been worked out for naminavannya primarily to do translations of prose poet. Undoubtedly, such stories as "The Return of the Faith" from the "Centre of Europe" is not a loss to our literature, and drama "Armagendon" simply incomparable (in fact there is nothing to compare and) we should also remember the brilliant journalism (for example, the essay "The Way" the fate of the Yanka Kupala) Vladimir Prokofyevich to understand that all it is, in principle, it is necessary, but … But like it or not — Nekljaev primarily a poet, the poet in all that he does, what he did, palesits what else could he do … And in prose, and in life, in politics and in love … He lives by himself wrote: "A poem written, how they live, how to breathe, how to die …". In the current environment will not fail to add, God forbid — that yet, as you write, live

Poets should read poetry, be it at home or area, concert halls, festival grounds or universities and libraries … Poets should see the heavens … And that possibility, Vladimir Neklyaeva as he said — Now there is no. But that is why it is now, and has become a great Nekljaev for himself. Now (as once wrote Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk in his "Paetagrafichnym novel" about the poet), it symbolic that — Nekljaev.

We are not able to shake his hand, hug and say how much and feel sad, then do at least something that can: honor, let's think about it. Let us pray verses.

Easier. Poetry, poems.

Minsk, "Krynica", "Fiction", 1996

The first of the best books Neklyaeva. Perhaps someone was lucky as me, and it was his first book, which fell to read. "Proshcha" saw the light more than 10 years after the last book of poems, and poems "through". Nekljaev always wrote little, not in a hurry to write. And it did it. The book is charged with incredible energy, like myself Proshcha (which gave the name of the collection), — according to the views of the faithful, the place (stone, source), endowed with special powers. It is no coincidence, "Proshcha" was awarded the State Prize of Belarus Yanka Kupala. It is "Proshcha" Nyaklyayeu firmly and forever witnessed his place in the Belarusian literature. And, of course, a landmark piece of the book will be a poem of the same name that solve (prompt), many steps of the Poet, and right now, and after:

Pazbyvshy oblivion, you were born,
To wonder of the world.
If you ringer or if you're a poet,
Live in the bell tower.

Let the earth, the deluge, though fire
Although evil and war,
If you're a poet or when you ringer
You're an extra, you're free.


Minsk, Publisher V.Hursik, 2004

After the "Proshche" (and I want to say — Area) Nekljaev could have nothing more to write, to stay. But wrote, "Yes." Ryhor Baradulin in the summary of the book called it an attempt to look on the other side of eternity. Eternity poet and man of eternity … On that side of himself. It is. "Thus it is written, and I lived. And to be so and so, as it is written, with all of my biography, with all my life … "- Wrote," Instead of a Preface, "Autobiography for admission to the Belarusians Nekljaev.

All the will of God gives the test —
And it is not no way to get rid:
Once the will — you're out of nowhere;
The second time freedom — when you're in oblivion.

And fell. The book became a part of his paetagrafii, and perhaps more widely. The book, in addition to poetry (created in the five years of living abroad — Poland and Finland), and includes two excellent poem Belarusian literature turn of the century — "Bed for the bees" and "Polonaise", the beginning of the last now known or every Belarusian-speaking Belarusians (in including and thanks to Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich)

Farewell, Jablonsky, farewell!
Autumn ran the estate —
And the graphics in this park,
Although the park is in the frame take away …

Farewell, Jablonsky, farewell!

Selected works.

Minsk, "knigosbor", 2010

Adnatomavik not only about life in poetry and poetry in life, but also about the people with whom the poet remembered face. A special find for the reader is seen diary entries (1969 — 2009 years). Even the story of our night of correspondence, which was born out of my "Lullaby for God" and who appeared before him "Terni" — hit the pages of the book. Everyone will be wondering what is: someone to look, finding texts in the book are almost folk, but still copyright "Play to play like that", "Yanka Kupala," "Once yes once," "White wine and red," someone admire the most perception of life so Neklyaeva life — and look there is something to …

In all that is, was and will be —
Nothing you could not be.
Miracles all in a single miracle:
In an incredible miracle

KOH. Verses two centuries.

Minsk, "Limaryus", 2010

I was fortunate to take a hand in editing a text from the book — so much so that the author made changes. And all of that poetry of it — is predetermined. Such a fate in his poetry (or "no luck" — he loves to repeat Nekljaev) — is performed it comes true, sneaking into the life, the life of confiscated. From the very beginning to the very end — lesitstsa …

If you write, then the only way to write,
As lightning continue to lightning,
As of the veins in the vein of blood transfusions …
Write, how to confess and pray.

The poem.

Minsk, "Limaryus", 2010

Neklyaeva poem — not the biggest of its literary heritage. In the genre of the poem sick among his contemporaries none. It is unique in the genre. And only he can and needed publish a book with this title, as it was expected and desired. His poem about the main ours, Belarus, human, "Zone", "Proshcha", "fortieth", "Polonais
e", "Easter" … It seems that every last — the best. Yes is the next and the next …

But the top of the peaks and at the same time there is an existential epic poem "King of Bees" — dvuhsvetavaya neklyaevskoy "Kalevala" is unlikely, but it is so true, in fact sincere. From that it is and will be our Nekljaev.

My soul pyayala: it was! ..



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