Valuable ally in the fight for women’s health

Infectious diseases of the genital organs occupy a leading position in the structure of gynecological diseases. Their frequency is constantly growing: the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation in Russia is about 67%. One of the main reasons for the increase of these diseases is to reduce the immunological resistance of the organism.

Genital infections, such as herpes, human papilloma virus, yeast, causing discomfort, discomfort and pain and cause depression and sexual dysfunction. But perhaps more dangerous than the infection, at first did not show — such as, for example, chlamydia. Their treatment can be started too late, when the disease has already become chronic and gave serious complications. Woman seeks treatment for infertility, cervical erosion or miscarriages, and only then learns about the cause of all these evils — "bated" infection.

Valuable ally in the fight for women's healthIn this case, to treat infectious diseases of the genital tract is becoming increasingly difficult due to the fact that the pathogens causing them to develop resistance to the drugs used. Therefore, in addition to standard anti-infective therapy doctors are increasingly using tools that increase general and local immunity. Thanks to them organism actively resists the harmful viruses and bacteria, inhibiting their pathogenic properties.

Drug, significantly accelerating recovery, is Polioksidoniy. It not only improves the immune system, but also clears the body of harmful substances and toxins, not allowing them to build up and run a new pathological reactions. In addition to antibacterial or antiviral therapy Polioksidoniy (Depending on the nature of the disease) administered by intramuscular injection, or vaginal suppositories. Thanks to him, greatly increasing the efficiency of traditional drugs, reducing the dose of antibiotics, after two days of unpleasant symptoms disappear much faster the recovery, and in the case of herpes — periods of remission increased to almost two years.

It is also important that Polioksidoniy does not cause allergies.

Such a valuable ally in the fight for women's health will help to maximize the effectiveness of the therapy, to reduce the costs of treatment and avoid complications — you just pay more attention to their well-being, carefully follow the instructions of the doctor and be treated to a full recovery.

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