Vampires and hunters are

For every vampire … there will always be a hunter. Who are they? Vampire Hunter — a man who has devoted his life to the destruction of the undead. They have the knowledge and ability to track down and destroy the vampire. This small group of people — the only hope for the survival of the people. They are not trying to prove to people he was right, they are just doing their job.

Arsenal hunter — the holy water and the Bible, it is certainly good, but not the most important thing. Most importantly, when you go on the hunt — this knowledge, the right time and a little luck. Accidentally embossed casement, which gave access to sunlight, can save your life.

The reasons that cause a person to become a hunter.

Most facilitate this for several reasons. Purpose. Man is born already destined to hunt vampires. This happens infrequently, but such a person would be a hunter from God. Even if he does not know about it from his birth, one day he will realize his destiny.

Another reason — getting commitments Hunter inherited. A man born in the family of a hunter or a religious organization that supports the destruction of vampires, he must become a hunter.

Among such organizations in the Middle Ages was a Muslim group of dervishes, whose members have been repeatedly seen in the Balkans. In the twelfth century they were the most famous vampire hunters. In Slavic countries had Kresniki, these people lived in many villages present the Warsaw Pact. They opposed the vampires. Kresniki could take the form of wild animals and attack the vampire who turned in the same form.

Not really a good example, but nevertheless:

In the history of mankind many races slazhivalas situation where a group of people trying to capture people weaker than them. And there were always people who oppose it. The same can be said about vampires, people will always be afraid of them. And fear makes you want to destroy the enemy.

Under the collision is due to meet a vampire with a person, or the result of an attack. It does not have to be direct contact. Sometimes it is the death of a loved one at the hands of the undead. Revenge — the most common reason for wanting to become a human vampire hunter. To hate the enemy, you should understand it. That's why people started to swarm in the old books and scrolls, seeking information about the vampires, and then use it 100 percent.

But revenge is also very dangerous. The man, blinded by anger, can make a mistake that would be his last mistake. Revenge, a man will not be able to stop, and will continue to seek out and kill the rest of their …

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