Vasily Kononov died

Died Vasily KononovRussian partisan Vasily Kononov, Latvian justice convicted on charges of involvement in the murder of 9 inhabitants Latvia during the second world war, died in the night from Thursday to Friday in Riga on 88-year life.

Kononov in 1998, was arrested in Latvia on charges of war sins. In 2000 he was sentenced by the tribunal to a half years in prison. Immediately after the verdict was released, because this time he had already served.

After release veteran received Russian citizenship, which was granted to him by the decree of President Vladimir Putin.

Latvia has accused the former commander of the guerrilla group Kononov with murder in the 1944 nine civilians — among them were three ladies.
In the words of Kononov, he executed the local Nazi collaborators. According to him, these people were "Polizei" — soldiers of the auxiliary police, which forms the German occupation administration of the local inhabitants. As stated veteran, "civilians" were given accommodation fascists guerrillas, then the Germans shot group of 12 fighters man, and then burned their bodies.

Kononov after unsuccessful appeal to the Latvian courts in 2004 appealed to the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights. June 19, 2008 the tribunal ruled that the government Latvia violated Article 7 th Convention "On Protection of Human Rights and the main freedoms" and ordered to collect from Latvia 30 thousand euros in moral damages.

In October 2008, the Government Latvia filed an appeal with the huge chamber of the Strasbourg court. May 17 last year in Strasbourg have finally determined that Latvia does not violate the European Convention on Human Rights.

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