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Joseph Yanushkevich "Vera Rich did not divide the literature in the Soviet and immigration"
April 24 would be 75 years old Vera Rich, which is almost half a century Belarusian poetry translated into English. By this date in Ukrainian Kanev on the Dnieper was timed perapahavanne dust interpreter, who died in London on December 20, 2009. Why she chose for eternity Ukrainian land? At the funeral celebration at the foot of Black attended literary critic Joseph Yanushkevich.
Michas Scoble"Joseph, canoe — a holy place for the Ukrainians, Taras Shevchenko is buried there. How is it that the ashes of Vera Rich was buried is there?"
Joseph Yanushkevich"Back in March, I was called by former Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Igor Likhovyi and invited to participate in the ceremonial burial of Vera Rich in Black Mountain, truly holy place. Among the organizers should also mention Nicholas Zhulinskaga — Director of the Institute of Literature named after Taras Shevchenko and researcher the institution Dmitry Drozdowski. took part in the funeral celebration of society "Prosvita" (by the way, Vera Rich was a friend of his) and the National Union of Writers of Ukraine. Vera Rich buried in the Cossack cemetery at the foot of Black Mountain, dominant and which looks at the white light kobzar. took part in the funeral translator niece and her boyfriend and manager of the creative heritage of Dr. Flowers. "
Scoble"With the Belarusian language to English Vera Rich has translated a lot of texts. Since ancient books call the analogy of" Like Water, like Fire "(" Like a fire, like water ") of the latter — the analogy of" Verse of freedom. "Or just as fruitful worked as a translator for the Ukrainian culture? "
Yanushkevich"The first translation into English of the Faith Rich with the Belarusian language was published in the Munich newspaper" Fatherland "in 1957.

Ukraine has awarded its prize named after Ivan Franko — the highest award for transfers, and in 2007 — the Order of Princess Olga

Thanks to her in English poetry sounded Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas Natalia Arsenyev, Maxim Bogdanovich, Ales Harun, Zmitraka Byadulya, aunts, Larissa Heniyush, Neil Gilevich, Vladimir Neklyaeva … On the Ukrainian literature Rich worked no less — has translated works of Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, Lesia Ukrainka, Vasyl Stus, Lina Kostenko … Ukraine is only awarded her the prize named after Ivan Franko — the highest award for transfers, and in 2007 — the Order of Princess Olga. I remember receiving the Order, she stopped by to see me in Krakow, where I worked in the archives, and proudly showed his reward. "

Joseph Yanushkevich, Vera Rich and Nyaklyayeu. Minsk, 2007

Scoble"Today it seems incredible — beseserovsky poetic ontology" Like Water, like Fire "(" Like a fire, like water ") was published on the cover with the chase. And this is 1971! I have in my library is a rarity edition. Interestingly, in his preface Vera Rich lists his friends, fellow workers, Joseph and Semizhona — Leo peas, Alexander Nadson, Czeslaw Sipovich that in Byelorussia interpreted unambiguously as traitors. And the composition of the poets in the anthology was not quite Soviet … How could this happen in a couple of the darkest Brezhnev? "
Yanushkevich"It is the capital ontology with epaulets on the cover and the primary cause of disgrace happened beseserovsky formal structures. Indeed, the book appeared on the assets and using UNESKO. And then suddenly -" nationalist "Pursuit! Although in fairness it should be noted: Vera Rich not divide our literature on Soviet and immigration. She had a universal view of all that we outline the word "history." So funny-sad to see how our cultural officials are wary Rich Faith during her rare visits to Belarus. "
Scoble"Not once reported that Rich translates to" New Earth "Kolas. Or had she finish this scale work?"
Yanushkevich"Unfortunately we do not have time. Also in Krakow, she told me that the main problem for her as a translator is not that poem volume. Himself translated it did not satisfy. Because language is constantly evolving. And even the English language the mid-twentieth century did not sounded quite poetic in the XXI century. Vera Rich was very demanding for their work. "

Tombstone Vera Rich on Cossack cemetery in Kanev (Ukraine). 2011

Scoble"Felt Vera Rich, its relevance in independent Belarus? Was it marked at least some state award?"
Yanushkevich"No, and here we should be ashamed. Unlike the Ukrainians. And in fact, independent Belarus lacked life. Therefore, translated a great analogy" Verse of freedom. "I am happy to have met with Vera Rich and Belarus and Poland. I will stay long in the memory pattern: Ms. Vera on a passing carriage, which one writer's House of Art "Isloch" brings up its market to Rakowski. And naturally and easily as she danced on a 200-half Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz Vera Rich and life was easy, temperamentna, giving their knowledge and talents to the Belarusian literature to know about English-speaking world. "

Bookstore FREEDOM

Anatoly Tarasov, "the problem of the origin of BELARUSIANS OFFICIALS not interested"

The problem ethnogeny Belarusians became thematic core of the sixth edition of the historical anthology "Santa", which was published recently in the capital's publishing house "Harvest" (1000 copies). And before that, the authors of the almanac became participants of the scientific conference held in Minsk gallery of modern art "B". Organized a conference and the publication of scientific collection Anatoly Taras — historian and curator of the book series "Unknown Belarus."
Scoble"Anatoly, conference materials occupy a third of the almanac. On Balt, or Slavic component (as a main) Belarusian nation today, a lot of whom and where many say. Besides the official media and academia. Invited Whether you use them on your board?"
Taras"He invited, but scientists from the Academy of Sciences reacted to my invitation with a smile. Example, the scientific secretary of the Institute of Ethnography,

Historian of the Academy of Sciences of the story is uninteresting, they need to put a check mark on paper — to participate in official events. And unofficial they are not interested

art history and folklore asked me how many doctors came to the organizing committee, who specifically gave permission from the authorities to carry it out … And I thought it would be fun to get the podium to introduce the public to the fact that they've done it in their science, or criticize us. But I was wrong. Historian of the Academy of Sciences of the story is uninteresting, they need to put a check mark on paper — to participate in official events. And unofficial they are not interested. "
Michas Scoble"Your Almanac" Grandparen
ts "enjoys popular readership. It is usually possible to find many publications on topical social issues. And what is the main criterion for the selection of texts, but their relevance?"
Anatoly Taras"The main criterion — that article, I'll put in the" grandfathers "was interesting. A fun can be everything: the antiquity and modernity, and the events of the XIX century, and some well-known personalities of the Belarusian history and cultural figures. Some articles are written specifically for the anthology. In this sense it — not quite digest. And there are a lot of materials. For example, for the sixth issue of a custom-written article about Mindaugas — Alexei Daylidavym and Cyril Kostjan. Igor Lishyk frame of the boat, which sailed our ancestors, combined with my written request. This was not published anywhere in the "grandfathers" — the first publication. "
Scoble"In a sense, you make life easier for your readers. They do not need to search for books published somewhere in the depths of miserable runs. Sometimes you open up and new names. For me it was a surprise find in this book, the publication of" The Roots of Lithuania "Gennady Bucket with we went to school and living in a small town on the Derechin Zelvenshchyne. And what materials in this capacious volume you want to highlight? "
Taras"A very good article by Vadim Deruzhinskogo" Balts or Slavs. "Advise to pay attention to an article already mentioned Igor Lishyka of ancient chovnabudavanne. By the way, too, from the heartland — Dyatlovsky of the district, he builds these boats. And a great article by Yuri Turonka "The Republic of unexpected." Historian from Warsaw very well demonstrated that to see an independent Belarus after the October revolution nobody wanted, neither Russian nor the Poles, nor the Communists nor the nationalists. But it so happened that Belarus still gained independence, however, not when desired. Turonak showed why in the years 1918-19, it did not happen. "
Scoble"U" grandfathers "materials placed on Belarusian history. Therefore surprising that the almanac — Russian. I think it reduces the reader's confidence in your work."
Taras"I will not argue, perhaps, is reduced. But you have to take into account the context in which I work.'ve Got no money for the publication, not a publisher, no license of the private entrepreneur. To exist and continue in business, I need the money, and they give me only merchants. Their attitude known: the goods (ie — the book) to sell, make a profit. And if the book will be in the Belarusian language, it does not sell — so they say. But I publish books in Belarusian language. example, published a monograph on the history of Dmitry Sosnowski Belarusian musical culture, a book by Nina Stuzhinskaya "Belarus rebellious."
Scoble"These books were part of the popular series" Hidden History ". What to expect from it in the near future? "

In May, there will be a book of Ivan affectionate "Ancient Lithuania: kinship and the fate of" the way, the Belarusian language

Taras"This series has seen the light of 18 books and anthologies 6. Soon after, in May, there will be a book of Ivan affectionate" Ancient Lithuania: kinship and destiny ", by the way, in the Belarusian language. Please — Belarusian writer and historian who lived in Yakutsk and there was assassinated in 1994. book nobody wanted to print, and now I want to do it. Out of interest, although polemical, affectionate study you can see that the ancestors of Belarusians were not Slavs, and bolts, and threat- Finns … After the tender will be published book by Sergey Zaharevich "Partisans of the USSR." It is all about the guerrillas, not only of the Belarusian, where all regions examined. researcher razvenchvae myths about the Soviet partisans, because the myths around this topic a lot of thought up. "

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