Victims of the earthquake in Tuva receive assistance from the state budget

Nearly 20,000 residents of Tuva, which suffered from the earthquake on February 26, to receive financial aid from the federal budget, said on Thursday the regional government.

In Tuva, for several months have been recorded two strong earthquakes. The first — a magnitude 6.7 — occurred Dec. 27, 2011 in the Kaa-Khem district of the republic, 100 kilometers east of Kyzyl at a depth of ten kilometers. Approximately in the same epicenter second earthquake of magnitude 7.6, which occurred on 26 February 2012. Toll of both earthquakes was not.

Previously, 1,6 thousand inhabitants of the Republic, whose houses suffered from the earthquake on December 27, received a one-time payment of 10 to 50 thousand. For these purposes, the federal budget has sent nearly 15 million rubles.

On material payments to victims of the February earthquake, the state budget has allocated 456.5 million rubles, 136 million of them are designed to provide the citizens of one-time financial assistance of $ 10 thousand.

"This financial assistance will be 13.6 thousand residents of Kyzyl and 13 districts of the country, including the Kaa-Khem, most affected by the underground elements," — said in a statement.

Authorities in the region indicate that the remaining 320 million rubles are intended to provide financial assistance to citizens in connection with the loss of their property necessities.

"To count on state support may 6.319 thousand people living in the Kaa-Khem, Pii-Khem district of Tuva and Tandinskom. 6.197 for restoration of the property of which will receive 50 thousand, 122 people — 100 000" — to be confirmed in a statement.

The Finance Ministry has also provided the region 182 housing certificates for local residents whose homes were badly hit by earthquakes.

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