Vitaly Rymashevski. Portrait against a lattice

It seems all I could tell you about my husband, said before the election last year in December. As introduced, as I liked the boldness of Vitaly and his ability to get involved in the affairs of others and to capture them. How to open is very important for the quality policy, the ability to sympathize and forgive others.

Although there are things that can cause a negative reaction to it. He does not tolerate hypocrisy, vanity and stupidity. Sincerity and pramalineynasts Vitaly attracted to, but on the other hand creates enemies. Therefore, among his friends do not indifferent to Vitaly, he or sympathize with or hate.

December 19, 2010

Vitali has never builds zvyshrealnyh plans. The goals that it has set itself, is always specific and achievable. He has the ability to immediately see and important. And most importantly, to make concrete steps to address many of the issues. And of course, not without the help of colleagues and friends, without them there would be so much inspiration and strength.

The idea of the Belarusian Christian Democracy is not without Vitali has been widely developed in the our country in difficult times, when the attack began to freedom in the country, where the destruction of language and culture on the part of the authorities entered the active phase.

Meeting in Mogilev

Vitali was looking for a way out of the situation that prevailed in the country. I was looking for as a Christian believer and political activist. Answers to These questions took shape in the form of the Belarusian Christian Democracy. Vitali is always worried that he lacked the next senior man teacher who would prompting and directing. Dropped out just rely on your expertise. A model for it were and remain Vasil Bykov, Vladimir Karatkevich and Ernest Sabila.

During the election campaign

Despite his busy schedule, numerous meetings, a great husband, father and friend, and has a son and son in law. Convey their views, he was able to close the most — their their fathers and my mother. I think this is an important feature of the portrait of Vitali. After family know us the way we are, with our weakness. And enlist the support of family members is more difficult than the support of strangers. At the end of May will be 10 years since we got married. I do not know how many years ahead of us definitely to continue to please each other with their existence, to support each other. But I know exactly what it all depends on God. It gives strength and support for each test. It may seem that I vyhvalyayusya husband, but the events of Dec. 19, the response and actions of my husband's words confirmed what I said and showed the qualities that are so lacking some politicians. Our daughter who is proud of.

On the Square

I know that over the release of Vitaly were various rumors and some doubts. To this I say only one thing: the people are friendly to Vitaly, become more intimate, and those who hated him for various reasons, have found another reason to talk, zlamysnichats and hang another sign. However, it is their free choice. Hopefully, the rest of conscience, which they left, they expose.

Shortly before the election, I said in an interview that, sooner or later, the president can see Vitali. I have not changed my views, as Vitaly exceptional man. However, the important thing is not that it is valuable in my eyes or someone other. One estimate is small. The main thing — to help him continue to fulfill its mission.

May 5 court, another event from a number of those who were after December 19.

I spent the day did not know anything about Vitaly, then stood in line with her daughter for the transfer, was driving home waiting for letters from prison, pending the searches in the apartment … But, as a very dear person, it's not forever …

Anastasia Rimashevskaya, the wife of former presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski




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