Vladimir Loban. Portrait against a lattice


"Volodya and I — twins. Therefore very close to each other, understand each other's experience. Unfortunately, we Vladimir early left without parents. Always lived modestly enough, there was a special luxury. Therefore very soon had to become adults — by earning take care of themselves. Though we were born on the same day, I always felt as if his older sister in charge of it.

Volodya was always for the truth, for justice. I think that he was in the Square because he was not allowed to vote in presidential elections

He is by nature a very calm, quiet, friendly. But a very kind, helpful, unhelpful, positive — as they say all the neighbors and friends. Always helps everyone, can not refuse anyone. And I am by nature a more active and always pushing him. I insisted on the fact that, after serving in the Army Vladimir enrolled in college to get a higher education. If after the University of Technology back in Verhnedvinsk, worked here, and we pay very little — he has the salary was 500,000, — literally pushed him to Minsk. Although now very worried, I miss him. And so I do not like our nephew, 16-year-old Sasha. Our oldest sister died, and I am now apyakuyusya Sasha. The boy is undergoing a transitional age, I was with him hard. I feel that not enough is Sasha male parenting, male influence. So to speak, Vova without fighting off the hands.

Volodya was always for the truth, for justice. I think that in the Square he was because he was not allowed to vote in the presidential election. In Minsk at the polling station he was advised to go to vote in Verhnedvinsk, the place of registration. He was angry, because before Verkhnedvinsk 300 miles away, and went to the area …

He was detained when accelerating action on December 19. Immediately left for a 10-day administrative arrest for Akrestin. And then he was immediately considered a suspect in the criminal case the riots. My friends who know Vova, had seen the Belarusian TV and read in the newspapers that Volodya was hitting the glass, assaults on police officers, and they can not believe it — it's so quiet, calm, positive … Despite the apolitical, it very rarely allow an attorney.

In letters Volodya wrote: once it happened, it is necessary to carry his cross. Prison he perceives as a test, which is laid up for him by fate. Spirit, he does not fall, we support — writes letters cheerful. "

Svetlana Loban, twin sister of Vladimir Loban.

Vladimir Loban was born on January 16, 1978 in Khoiniki Gomel region. After the Chernobyl accident the family moved to Verhnedvinsk Vitebsk region. There's Vladimir Loban graduated from high school in Verhnedvinsk he returned to work after graduation in Minsk Belarusian State Technological University. Occupation — Engineer woodworking.

Since April 2010 he lived and worked in Minsk. Policy was not engaged in any party and the movement was not included.

Court of the Moscow district of Minsk

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