Vladimir Lobkowicz: We are dealing only with the political violence

An activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" by Pavel Vinogradov sentenced to 4 years imprisonment in a strict regime, the Young Ales Kirkevich — for 4 years, a member of the initiative group Sannikov, Dmitri Drozd — to 3-year, non-partisan Andrew Protasenya — for 3 years, Vladimir Homichenko — on 3 years. Commenting on the sentences, executive secretary of the council BPF, lawyer Vladimir Lobkowicz said:

"We see that the authorities continue to pass wrongful convictions. In the trials have not been proven to be generally occurred riots. The materials on which the entire investigative work, all of the evidence in court — is testimony so-called victims, the examination for which does not confirm that they are the victims. There are no videos that illustrate how the guilt or other face. This shows that we are not dealing with an attempt to sort out legally in that situation, which occurred on December 19, but only with political violence, a signal to those who remained at large, that any protest, even minimal, will be strictly punished in Belarus. "


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