Warlocks in Udmurtia in favor

March 13, 2012 7:41

Almost every village of the republic live sorcerers, healers and witch.

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The Volga preserved many ancient pagan traditions of Finno-Ugric peoples. Over the centuries, many Europeans have lost them, Udmurt have managed to save. This also applies to an area such as the hidden knowledge.

 On the Udmurt wizards are legendary, though their power is so great that they can punish the villain, to find missing, connect quarreling spouses, cure any ailment. So that there is a sorcerer! In Udmurtia, is that almost every villager has magic. In any case, each village or city neighborhood is alive and does not suffer from a lack of customers sorcerer or healer.

Tuno not made, they are born

Doctor of Philology Tatiana Vladykina classifies people who own secret knowledge into three types. First, it tuno, people endowed with supernatural powers. They can say GOD predict heal, relieve damage, guessing. In antiquity tuno were, among others, the guardians of the ancient pagan belief and knowledge. They chose places for prayer, appointed priests vosyasey, participating in rituals would fall into a trance and communicate with the gods. Tatiana Vladykina tuno shares in two types: a higher hierarchy — tuno Pele and just tuno.

Survived several scientific texts XIX century, describing the rituals tuno. For example, the election of a priest. Tuno washed in the bath, then dressed in a white robe, perepoyasyvaya long towel. Starting view tuno put his sword on his head, and then overthrown it on the floor, so much so that it pierced the floor. In the right hand he held a whip. Then tuno began a ritual dance that lasted until he fell out of his mouth and was not foam. In this state tuno and called the name of the new priest.
Tuno not become, but born. This purpose, and the man with the makings forced to lead a public life. It is beyond good and evil, it is not good and not evil, he just knows everything and sees. They survived today? Doctor of Historical Sciences Kuzma Kulikov said: "The whole country then there were five or six people. Today we call them psychics. These are people with great energy. But as part of the institute of ancient pagan religion, they disappeared. "
Medicine Men — second category holding secret knowledge. They know how to treat, remove unintended damage. Names of the best of them are known to the whole Udmurtia. The most famous vrachevatelnitsa — 83-year-old from the village of Maria Knyazev Balezino. Her methods — slander, manipulation hands massage. In Izhevsk known Catherine Mardanov — manualschitsa, chiropractor, masseuse. In the living area Zavyalovsky beautiful masseuse Anna Baysarov. Her area — hernia, sprains, sciatica. "Traditional healers — a great benefit — sure Kuzma Kulikov. — I was a child was treated only with them. I remember the cat was infected with ringworm, so wise woman whispered-whispered, and all were gone. " "I suffered in childhood barley — the director of publishing house" Udmurtia "Yuri Kuznetsov. — My mother took me to our village wise woman, she took a grain of barley, whispered, threw it in the oven — since then I forgot about this illness. " Yuri Kuznetsov told a funny story, as his younger brother was treated for "bristle", which affects some babies' grandmother put my brother in a kennel, where before her dogs were puppies. I was so angry, I grabbed a stick and began luptsevat this grandmother's back. But the fact remains, "bristle" disappeared. "

About witches is a special

Warlock — is a carrier of black magic, villainous face in some way. It can bring damage, bewitch a man to bring him to death. And because this is the most dangerous contingent of holding secret knowledge. It is believed that a sorcerer can harm not only to order, but unintentionally, because he has to constantly get rid of oppressive power. And then it sends its power "to the wind." If in this energetic jet hit man, he gets sick or dies.
"Each village has its Udmurt sorcerer. Here in the village of Bolshaya Qibya Mozhginsky district, — says Yuri Kuznetsov — a family, which were carried out for the bad things. They said that there wondering vorozhat in tube fly fiery serpent, and the woman turns into a black cat. I remember a case in which the head of the Witch fire stopped. I burned my relatives house. She walked him three times, something nagovarivaya, and the fire died down. "
Sorcerer learn simple. If an evil, in your opinion, a man came into the house, puncture needle in the door jamb, scissors or a knife, a sorcerer can not leave until you have removed these items.
Most of us are afraid of the evil eye. It is known that a person has fallen ill from the evil eye or damage, recover conventional medicine can not, until you remove them. "It is particularly severe damage induce sorcerers, united in pairs or groups," — said Yuri Lobanov, an artist working in the direction ethnofuturism and mastering ancient shamanism. Induce damage by touching with slander and evil thoughts, and with the help of food. Because slower and holidays hostess should be the first to drink a glass of each kumyshki untapped bottle and then offer guests.
Guessing and predicting Udmurt sorcerers by blood and silver plate. Guessing on a silver plate like guesswork. Plate sometimes darkens and lightens, forming intricate patterns, which have been interpreted. During the expedition of the Kirov region Vladykina graduate Tatiana went to the house of a lonely old woman. That it's a long story about folk rituals, and then said that he could guess. The girl asked her fortune told them. Grandmother put her hand on the pulse of each of them and told them about the accuracy of the girls. Predicted the unexpected money. On his return from the expedition, the prediction came true.

Secret knowledge and the nature of

Interestingly, in the multiethnic region, which is of Udmurtia, each nation considers the most powerful wizards of representatives of other nations. Therefore appeal to Russian Udmurt sorcerers, fortunetellers and sorcerers, Udmurt — the Tatars and Maris, Tatars — to Udmurtia. Note that the address, despite not ban priests and mullahs, in the most extreme cases, where neither the police nor conventional medicine can not help.
In recent years, Udmurt aktualschikov artists began to develop a style called ethnofuturism. Performances of "Pele Pele" appeared in Ulyanovsk, Kirov, Cheboksary and Izhevsk. They produce a deep impression. Against the background of the drums beat the rhythm band leader Yury Lobanov outlines the magic circle, puts his charms — dolls and starts rite, establishing contact with the cosmos.
"Now we have stopped a group rite, — says Yuri Lobanov — because this occupation was general concern. We are faced with a powerful energy, which could not handle. "
"I think that all the talk about what Udmurts — strong wizards, greatly exaggerated — sums up Tatiana Vladykina. — It's just a psychological impact. Word, touch, suggestion. "


Whatever relates to these events, they are in demand usually when people are not in the state of social protection. It is hard to imagine that in a civilized country, a rich man will treat rheumatism to his grandmother, or look sheptalke stolen cow through a wizard. But when it comes to life and death, people forget about the good old materialism. After all, a psychic from Vyatka Polian found kidnapped child in Germany, calling on the phone outside the house where the young hostage stashed.


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