Was there Hyperborea?

This article discusses the problem associated with the legends and myths about the mysterious country Hyperborea. Was she really? If so, where is it located? What evidence, other than the legends indicate the existence of this country?

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And it is all in order. Modern archaeological discoveries made in the northern lands of Russia Pomeranian, quite thoroughly refuted the official current version of that northern Eurasia were settled only in the XV century BC Until that time, the local land were covered with solid ice, which, in principle, excluded the possibility of any life. However, even the great Russian scientist MV Lomonosov, with reference to the ancient Egyptian and Sumerian sources believed that life originated in the north around 400,000 years ago.

Many Russian fairy tales and epics mention North Country, where people in the two months to hibernate, wake up to the first rays of spring sun. This is also told Russian coast-dwellers of old hunted hunting in the New Earth (or womb). Among the coast-dwellers still run stories about the Novaya Zemlya ice cities, churches and castles. These legends tell about the famous Russian island of Buyan, the city of candy and Nightingale Budimirovich. Modern scholars believe that all of these entomological name is closely associated with the Solovetsky Islands, and the lands that had once existed in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.

The Roman historian Pliny the Elder wrote about the ancient people living in the Arctic Circle, genetically related to the ancient Greeks through the cult of the Hyperborean Apollo. The name "Hyperborea" consists of two words: "hyper" — large, "Boreas" — the north wind. In free translation: "great people, living for the north wind." Thus, we can assume that Hyperborea — a huge country, which occupied the territory from the North Pole to the Kola island. It is no accident on the Kola Peninsula are elaborate stone pyramids, which are more than 40,000 years. During the excavation of ancient sites found a man who is also from 20 to 40 thousand years.

But stereotypes live very long, especially in the scientific community. In spite of these findings, to this day the official science has not recognized the existence of Hyperborea, considering that this is a myth Native Russian North. But the time will come and Hyperboreas yet reveal its secrets, and will appear in all its grandeur.

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