Water and Earth mysteries of life

September 24, 2012 20:20

In the press, there were reports of researchers repeatedly that in ancient times the Earth had a smaller size, and the speed of rotation around its axis — large compared to today. It is natural that as the size of the Earth and slowing the speed of rotation of the daily duration of time increased. The main reason for slowing down the rotation of the material body (including the Earth) — is to increase its diameter. A good example of this is the acceptance of skaters on the ice, is used to speed up or slow the speed of their bodies by bringing or removing your hands from the axis of its rotation.

The second reason for slowing down the rotation of the Earth is periodically falling out on the earth's surface large amounts of water in the form of the Flood. It is known that the liquid has always been an inhibiting factor in the rotational and linear motion of the bodies. In this case, an example is the egg. In its raw state, it rotates more slowly, and welded — faster. There are probably other reasons that affect the course of the Earth's rotation. For example, the assumption that the daily turnover of the planet will slow down for a while, and then with the cessation of growth of the Earth and decrease the amount of water on its surface, speed of rotation will increase. The appearance of water on the Earth's surface, according to ancient legends, myths, legends, associated with large and small floods. Egyptian and oriental sources report that the Earth periodically visit the various disasters, Key: floods, fires, earthquakes, falling meteor shower of ash, water absorption by the oceans and land, etc.

To understand this you need to look at our universe from the outside. While inside the universe, our solar system is making his flight around the axis of the world, passing through the North Star. On its way the Earth, in the solar system, meet and cross the different zones, the nebula (meteor, gas, temperature, energy, etc.). At a meeting with them at the Earth's surface and in its atmosphere are significant qualitative changes.

In addition to water on Earth's surface dropped multimeter outer layer of ash and meteorites, changes in air temperature, and that the effect on the change in the flora and fauna of the planet. Ancient tradition and modern research shows that the Earth's surface was covered with three huge masses of water through a synthesis between the Earth's atmosphere and the special space energy production. Also, these three bodies of water evaporates from the surface, leaving a devastated Earth, like we see on the Moon, Mars, Venus … The water evaporates from the surface of the Earth with the advent of high temperature and fire.

Now we live in a period cepedinnom fourth time the appearance of water on the Earth's surface, coming to approximately 120,000 years ago. Interestingly, the stable ice formation at the geographic poles of the Earth appeared about 40,000 years ago. This figure is repeatedly mentioned in various ancient sources. With the movement of the Earth geographical poles (north and south) are moved and ice fields due to the formation of new centers in other places and decay of old.

In the initial period of the Earth its daily turnover for the duration was about three o'clock in the modern time. Further slowing of the Earth's rotation due to the increase in the diameter of the planet and Drop of water on its surface.

It is known that water was once on Mars and other planets in the solar system. But while the law is not clear and priority of water on the surface, which then gives way to a period of devastation and the temperature rises, as on Venus.

For researchers the water remains largely a mystery, only occasionally opening their new properties including healing. To the water, like the fire, unconsciously attracted children and adults. Water is used for magical experiments and tales give its properties "live" and "dead". While it is unclear assignment of water on the Earth's surface, which is present in the form of fresh and salt (sea). What keeps water on the surface of the planet from its active evaporating into space?

Studies have shown that water is available in the soil of the moon. It must also be in the depths of the other planets. With the water on the surface of the planets appear and biological life. One might wonder about the possibility of human survival on Earth at large and small accidents and even more so after the evaporation of water from the surface. It is known that a prior civilization created underground cities and different habitats for a long period of life, if there is water, air and all the necessities of life. Including artificial light from a physical source.

In the subcortical part of the surface of the Earth people are protected from cosmic radiation, magnetic storms, meteor showers, from floods, fires … the subterranean abodes of people mentioned in several ancient tales, legends and historical written materials. It is known that the People Tamils living in the south of India and Sri Lanka, came out of the ground in the ancient times. Part of other people went to the underground cities in the face of disasters.

Founder Tsiolkovsky Astronautics, recognizing that some of the nascent planets, others die, had the idea of people moving from one planet to another, where they have to build their own accommodation, laboratories in the planet's crust. Inside the planets is always a water, air, and more, is necessary for life. So, perhaps, it was with the arrival of the first humans on Earth. Only after the formation of a reliable atmosphere of Earth humans began to appear on the surface, creating the city and other facilities.

Currently, experts from Russia, Finland, Japan, the United States, projects for the construction of complex structures on the moon for housing and industrial purposes, sunk into the ground.

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