Well, well! Polyglot parrot found

October 5, 2011 19:50

Ptah speaks two languages.Ptah speaks two languages.
Unique abilities found in Grey parrot named Mitt from the UK.

Feathered slew of scientists that was able to learn to speak in two languages — English and Urdu.

Urdu is spoken in Pakistan, this is one of the official languages of the country. He is akin to Hindi and appeared in the 14th century.

Ptah welcomes incoming shouts of "Asalamu alaykum" ("Hello") and "Bismillah" ("In the name of Allah").

Owner talented bird Ahmed Jaffer extremely proud pet. According to the man, the talent of the parrot has glorified him for the whole world. By the way, except for the two languages, the bird has and art parody. She is able to portray a dog barking and mimics sounds that publishes … refrigerator.

Talent that has Mitt, quite rare in the world. Two languages possess only the most intelligent birds breed African Grey or gray parrot. African grays are popular as pets. The scientists believe that their intellectual abilities similar to those of the four faculties of the child.

Greys are not just repeating words and phrases. These parrots are capable of deliberate speech. If the birds do, often take up and allow her to spend time in the community, she will learn to imitate the male and female voices, and even be able to become a companion.

Almost like a child, and children are always fun.


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