What affects the convergence of people

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According to research by social psychologists on the entry of people interaction, and their convergence is influenced by several factors.

The proximity

The more frequent social contact between two people, the more the probability that the friendship between them or love relationship. Thus, we have much more chance to start a family with someone from the inner circle, rather than a person living in another country.

Sex appeal

Beautiful, physically attractive man credited with the surrounding more winning quality. In the eyes of the beautiful people look more intelligent, honest and inspiring.

But do not worry for those who do not have absolute beauty. Psychologists have observed that people whose achievements in adolescence explained their appeal, in later life experienced more difficulties in social adjustment than those who all his life had to rely on their inner qualities.

Similarity and complementarity

Typically, man feels more attracted to those who are similar to them by appearance, by social origin, according to the interests and views of the Mutual inclination, based on the opposite properties, is much rarer.

Complementarity is essential for the establishment of relations (people choose each other by mutual similarity) and to maintain them (there is a complementary factor of stability).

Mutual compensation

Communication between people is rarely disinterested. It is necessary that for quite a long time, she benefited and satisfaction of both parties.

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