What are the results of the Victory Day celebrations?


Members: chief editor of the newspaper "Nasha Niva" Andrew Dynko and political columnist for "Belarusians and Market" Pavljuk Bykovskii.

Pavljuk Bykovskii

Andrew Dynko

Valery Karbalevich

Speech by Alexander Lukashenko on May 9

Valery Karbalevich"As usual, in his speech on May 9 Lukashenko identified the current regime with the victors in the war, and on this basis, tried to speak with others from a position of strength, the historical truth. He sharply criticized the Western countries for military intervention in the internal affairs of other states. Perhaps it strongly impressed NATO operation in Libya. How would you comment on this statement Lukashenko? . "

Andrew Dynko"The tone of Lukashenka was unfriendly. But at the same time I saw this particular speech notes restraint. In some of his previous speeches tone was even more dramatic. Now, Lukashenko said that Belarus is open to dialogue.

As for the "Libyan plot." Events in the Middle East scare authoritarian rulers. After all, the people of these countries voted against authoritarian regimes and the international community considers it possible to intervene in the internal processes in these countries. And it scares them leaders.

Limited participation in the Russian overthrow Gaddafi causes the greatest concern of the official Minsk.

And in Libya, there was an unusual thing. Even non-democratic countries (China, Russia) allowed to carry out the intervention. Therefore, the dictators can not sleep well. Limited participation in the Russian overthrow Gaddafi causes the greatest concern of the official Minsk. "

Pavljuk Bykovskii"Once upon a Polish social activist Adam Michnik called Lukashenko is not Russian and Soviet puppet. That is, the image of the pro-Soviet Lukashenko steady policy. Every year on Victory Day this image padsychaetstsa. Anti-Western rhetoric — a part of the image. I can not remember if Lukashenko, speaking on May 9 thanked Western countries for their participation in the victory over fascism. "

Why are Western ambassadors were present at Victory Square on May 9?

Karbalevich"For the first time at a ceremony at the Victory Square on May 9 are not attended by the ambassadors of Western countries. They were not invited back. On the state of the Belarusian TV channels absenteeism EU ambassadors to the official ceremony celebrating the Victory Day was equal almost to the support of Nazism. What does this mean? . "

Dynko"These are the techniques of propaganda war. It seems that in Minsk do not fully understand how they harm the interests of Belarus is widely understood. Belarus needs good relations with Europe — an important economic partner of our country. EU countries have the most extensive border.

And then the Belarusian authorities have some competition on the propaganda level. But if you start to ride up on the little things, then to you and refer, respectively. This scandal nezaprashennem Western ambassadors to the ceremony — a short-sighted step. "

Bykovskii"This is short-sighted not only in terms of relations with European partners, but also from the point of view of the interests of the regime. Many of the internet knows that Western ambassadors were not invited to the celebration. And it crosses the efforts of state propaganda machine.

It is unlikely that the campaign against the Western ambassadors to distract people's attention from economic problems.

Of course, there is a large proportion of people without access to alternative information. But it is doubtful whether the campaign against the Western ambassadors to distract people's attention from economic problems.

And even if we start from the point of view that the ambassadors did not attend the May 9 Victory Square to protest against Lukashenko, then in such a case, it shows the weakness of the regime. "

Or add prasavetskasts political capital?

Karbalevich"Here, the Bykovskii noted that from the very beginning of his reign, Lukashenko has created the image of the pro-Soviet policies. And the Victory Day was the pretext which he supported and demonstrated that image.

But here's event due to the current celebration of the Victory Day, raise a number of questions. A rare case where the solemn meeting on 8 May, dedicated to Victory Day, a report appeared not Lukashenko, and the Minister of Defence Zhadobin. And another interesting point: the procession of veterans, announced at 11:00, there was only 12 hours. How to explain this? Perhaps the image of the pro-Soviet policy of not gaining him the political capital, so it is gradually being eroded? . "

Dynko"The image of the pro-Soviet policies have probably no one in this world does not add any political capital. And Lukashenko as well. After the pro-Soviet sentiments are stored in a small section of society. Perhaps it's the power structures, the staff of the repressive apparatus.

Conscripts Belarusian army were born in independent Belarus. In economic terms, our country has long surpassed the Soviet level.

Lukashenko said in the European Parliament are going to discuss the Belarusian issue, and that means that they have not understood the lessons of the last war. On the contrary, that democracy, human rights are a fundamental European value — this is the main lesson of the war. After all, if human rights sacrificed for the sake of some ideologies. And it led the whole nation to madness.

I would not exaggerate the value of failure in a live broadcast of the procession. Perhaps this is due to those extreme security measures that were taken, and do not have time to check all the time. "

Bykovskii"As for changing the time the march, it may, in fact, it was due to security concerns. Because he witnessed how security was given emergency attention.

Performances on Victory Day is not as iconic as it was before. Therefore, they do not need to sacrifice the first person in the state. Perhaps there is a large state and personal priorities. "


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