What can and can not drink during pregnancy?

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What usually offer a man who refused to drink? Tea, coffee (more soluble), carbonated drink, sometimes — mineral water. If you're lucky, and you are involved in family fans of healthy lifestyles, it is likely you will be offered, green or fruit tea, coffee and if, necessarily natural, rarely offer juices from the package.

What does all of this list, select a pregnant woman? To the disappointment of many women in this period, they are not recommended for some of the usual drinks, and a number of drinks should be significantly restricted.

Beverages that should limit

Coffee — Contains caffeine. And in a cup of instant coffee it is even more than a cup of natural. Plus, instant coffee contains chemicals that allow it to make soluble. Regular consumption of more than 5-6 cups of coffee a day — the same as drug addiction, as well as from cigarettes. The use of any drug during pregnancy, even such an innocent, like coffee, then inevitably lead to the same dependence in the child.

That's why coffee consumption during pregnancy should reduce and minimize. However, in small quantities (1 coffee cup of organic coffee a day) you can drink it. Not regularly, and in those cases when it is very desirable, or when the cup of organic coffee substitutes cure for low blood pressure.

Tea — Also contains caffeine, and a cup of strong brewed tea, it contains no less than a cup of coffee. Therefore, it is necessary to drink pregnant strongly diluted, that generally affects the palatability of the beverage. Many prefer not to drink tea at all, than to drink like that.

Some mistakenly believe that it is necessary to replace the black tea to green, and they will get less caffeine. This view is mistaken. In a cup of green tea caffeine is not less than black, so for him the same restrictions. On the other hand, green tea is rich in trace elements and bioactive substances, so if you really pregnant drinking tea, green is better than black, but do not forget about his fortress.

Fruit tea that has become fashionable in recent years can be divided into regular tea with fruit flavors and pure fruit or herbal drink. Of course, this tea useful regular tea when brewed directly from the dried leaves and fruit, and not from the bags. But do not forget that tea with fruit and herbal supplements is the same tea, and we will again have to remember his fortress.

Cocoa is sufficiently strong allergen, allergy to cocoa is much more common than coffee or citrus. Furthermore, cocoa (as coffee) contributes to the leaching of calcium from the body.

Soda — Promotes excessive gas formation, flatulence. Sweet drinks such as Coca-Cola, contain a lot of synthetic chemicals whose use is not recommended for everyone, especially for pregnant women. In addition, cola and other beverages interfere with the absorption of calcium. Mineral water without gas, rich in mineral salts and can be a serious strain on the kidneys pregnant, especially if she occasionally find salt in the urine or have a tendency to edema.

Juices — Of course, much more useful. However, to drink fresh juices instead of packets. The latter are not always safe and harmless substance: firms frequently added to their juices vitamins, flavor enhancers, preservatives, etc. In addition, many of them contain large amounts of sugar. If we choose among the juices in packets — should give preference to those that are designed for baby food.

What can you drink?

So what can a pregnant woman to drink to quench your thirst? During pregnancy, it is better to learn how to quench your thirst pure water. Suitable spring water (proven by experts), bottles of water, and just boiled water filtration.

This is of particular relevance in the second half of pregnancy, when the activation water and salt exchange and increase the total circulating liquid may lead to increased thirst. During pregnancy, you need to drink as much as you want, in addition to those cases where the fluid intake is limited by your doctor. If a pregnant woman gets used to wear a water and drink it in small sips on the first request, the attacks of thirst reveal themselves less often.

Clean water should be a basic and fundamental drink for pregnant and at least two thirds of all incoming fluid in the body.

What to drink other than water:

  • First, natural juices andfruit drinks. Preference should be given freshly squeezed juice instead of juice packages. In the winter, it is better to use a fruity drink made from domestic preparations. Fruit drinks can be prepared out of a jam, jam, compote, dry and frozen fruit. These drinks are rich in vitamins and trace elements.
  • Secondly, Herbal teas. However, it is better not to use ready-made bags and prepare tea directly from the dry grass, leaves, flowers, dried fruit, brewing them as a tea, a rate of 1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water. To brew fit any grass that does not have a strong odor and unpleasant taste, and not acting on the endocrine system. It is also good to use raw materials from the plants that grow in the same area where he lives very pregnant woman. In central Russia, most teas are brewed from the leaves of raspberries, strawberries, currants, cherries, blueberries, cranberries, herbs, mint, lemon balm, Willow-herb, linden flowers, marigold, violet, rose hips, hawthorn, mountain ash, viburnum, etc.

It is especially important during pregnancy do not mix plants with each other, so you can only drink teas that are really like, not masking the unpleasant taste. Sensitive body of a pregnant immediately tell the plant that now you do not want to drink and what does it cost to take time off. If the discomfort does not occur, then it is advisable to drink this tea for 2-3 days, then take a break for1-2 of the day, and then brew some Other plant.

Alternating teas so we get a large enough set of drinks that will not be repeated in less than 1 month. This simple recipe from the piggy bank of international experience will help pregnant women deal with the lack of vitamins and trace elements. If the bulk of drinking pregnant would be pure water, juices, fruit drinks and herbal teas, sometimes it can treat yourself to a cup of coffee and the other is not too useful, but more than a drink. In this case, the time limits in the choice of drink for her will not be quite so difficult.

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