What can weaken a man’s strength?

What can weaken a man's strength?  Collage MedPortal.ru

Charlie Chaplin became a father when he was well over sixty. In the harems of the Eastern rulers were at least a hundred wives and concubines. And in their duties included not only the contents of the house clean and feeding the camels. Hercules in one night could have sex with fifty daughters of King FESPAM, for which he credited the thirteenth feat. Specialists in andrology, whose opinion you can trust, believe that such sexual reserves are available in every man.

In that potency depends on the age well known. In twenty years, young people are ready to have sex day and night. By thirty, they calm down a bit, in their love life appears measured. Men of forty are capable of much, they left enough strength and experience. After fifty, according to the laws of nature, the body begins to gradually undergo age-related changes: not as quickly updated cells, decreased production of sex hormones. Sexual attraction is high, but its implementation has to expend more effort.

However, the age — it's not so much the number of years lived, which is written in the passport as the degree of deterioration of the body. It happens that in the seventy- man gives a head start three decades. Therefore, to assess the health and virility physicians are increasingly using the term "biological age" — the true extent of aging, which is determined by special tests. This includes research cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems, cholesterol, elasticity tendons and reaction speed.

If all systems and organs in good condition, it means that the biological age of passport or equal to or less than. Sometimes, the tests show that the body is not all right. For example, blood vessels can not cope with the load of the lumen is narrowed too much harmful cholesterol. In this case, the true age of a person can be higher than the passport. By the way, exactly the same tests help physicians determine whether a person is at risk to get a heart attack or stroke in the next 10 years. Very useful prognosis for those who are worried about their health and do not want to die romantically during orgasm.

There is not a man who is not interested to own level of sexual activity. What is it: normal, high or low? Is there any reserves or they have long been exhausted? To answer this question it is not necessary to arrange sex marathons or compare yourself to your friends and colleagues. Simply contact the experts — doctors andrology. After the study of the physical features (biological age) of the body, including the conduct Doppler (ultrasound) vessels of the penis, the man offered to fill in a questionnaire on sexual satisfaction. To answer it honestly is desirable.

If organism works like a clock, and satisfaction is low, most likely the peak of sexual activity has not yet arrived. In front of all these men. Conversely, if the health poshalivaet, and satisfaction is high, it is possible that man overestimates his strength, his organism running at full capacity. An urgent need to take action, or sexual activity may eventually go into decline.

What problem?

Some amateurs think that potency problems related only to the penis. In fact, it's much more difficult. Erectile Dysfunction — not a disease but a complication of existing diseases. There is no such that a completely healthy man suddenly became impotent. On the men's strength reflects everything that is happening in the body: hormonal changes, impaired blood flow to malfunction of the nervous system, psychological problems. It is believed that the main cause of deterioration of potency in men up to 40 years lies in the mind, and after — in containers.

Andrology assure that each of the stronger sex genetically laid great sexual performance, so-called, 15-fold margin of safety. That is, any man is quite able to meet the fifteen women. This has helped mankind to survive for thousands of years. Unfortunately, modern man to disregard its reserves are. Some even manage to sixty years to completely lose all that inherent nature, and become the slaves of "Viagra".

What can weaken a man's strength? First, and most importantly — irregular sexual life, especially after 30 years. Like all other organs, sex and they need "training." Popular theory that abstinence improves the potency to be false. In numerous studies, scientists have shown that regular sex not only improve the quality of sperm and increase their numbers, but also improve the potency.

The second, equally important factor in the man's strength — repeated sexually transmitted infections (STIs). And although today with the help of a new generation of antibiotics and gonorrhea, and syphilis can be cured in just a week, the potency of the "bad" of the disease is usually reduced.

Another unfavorable factor — the uncured or improperly treated diseases of male genital organs: urethritis, prostatitis, vesicles, orchiepididymitis, orchitis, etc. The other reasons for the deterioration of potency in descending order are something like this:

  • ischemic heart disease;
  • hypertension;
  • endocrine disruption;
  • diabetes;
  • prostatic hyperplasia (adenoma);
  • neuropsychiatric diseases;
  • use of certain drugs;
  • drugs, tobacco, alcohol;
  • sedentary lifestyle, which leads to stagnation of blood in the veins of the pelvis;
  • stress;
  • poor environment;
  • malnutrition;
  • nedosypaet habit.

Those who had never experienced any of these factors can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but also become impotent nobody wants.

Traditionally, it is believed that the life of every self-respecting man should be reliable three people: an accountant, a priest and a doctor. Useful when there is a personal dentist or cardiologist. However, for someone who wants long years of maximum sexual activity, the most important doctors — urologist and andrologist. After 40 years, even if no worries, you just need to have regular check-ups of these professionals. In time they will be able to detect changes in the prostate gland, can help eliminate the teething problems with potency. Because we all know that the disease is much easier to prevent than to cure.

Meanwhile, Russian statistics sad, only 10% of men who have sexual problems, seek the advice of doctors. And the other 90% put on his personal life or bold cross, rather than to rebuild health, stimulate swallowing handfuls of pills.

Since the causes of erectile dysfunction can be extremely diverse, the only reliable way to deal with the problem — to pass a comprehensive examination: to visit a cardiologist, neurologist, urologist, endocrinologist, andrology and psychotherapist. But, unfortunately, in our district clinics these professionals separated. Comes to the ridiculous. Cardiologist prescribes human medicine to lower blood pressure, a side effect of which — reduced potency. The patient does not know about it, and, frustrated, goes to the urologist. That, in turn verifies only the genitourinary system, finds nothing wrong, and sends the man next to a neurologist or a therapist. The result: all the medical card painted with appointments, and the reason for failure was not found. The patient continues to take medicine that reduces sexual activity.

However, there are modern medical centers, in which the issue of the restoration and preservation of potency in a comprehensive manner.

What can you advise men who have doubted yourself? Immediately seek the help ofmedical professionals.

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