What does the world dismemberment of Russia?

What does the world dismemberment of Russia?
1. Chatting with strangers about of, every true Russian patriot should explain to them that our homeland is not a random conglomeration of tribes and territories, and not artificially harmonious «mechanism», «regions», but a living, grown historically and culturally justified body, not subject to arbitrary dismemberment. This organism is a geographical unity, parts of which are related economic vzaimopitaniem; This organism is a spiritual, cultural and linguistic unity, the Russian people historically associated with its national younger brothers — spiritual vzaimopitaniem; it is the state and strategic unity, to show the world their will and their ability to self-defense; it is a mere stronghold European-Asian, and therefore universal peace and balance. Fraction it would be unprecedented in the history of political adventurism, the disastrous consequences of which would be the world’s population has suffered a long time.

Dismemberment of the body into its component parts nowhere gave and never will be no recovery, no creative equilibrium, no peace. On the contrary, it has always been and will be a painful disintegration, decomposition process, fermentation, and general decay of infection. And in this era in this process will be dragged into the whole universe. Russian territory boils endless strife, wars, civilians and clashes that will constantly grow into a global confrontation. It will be quite unavoidable escalating into force 1st of what powers the world (European, Asian and South American) will invest their money, their trade interests and their strategic calculations novovoznikshie small countries; they will compete together to achieve dominance and «strong points»; not a lot of perform imperialist neighbors who would encroach on direct or hidden «annexation» unsettled and vulnerable neoplasms (Germany moved to Ukraine and the Baltic States, United Kingdom encroach on the Caucasus and Central Asia, Japan on the coast and the Far East, etc.). Our homeland will turn into a huge «The Balkans», in a never-ending source of wars, in a stately hotbed of unrest. It will be the world ferment, which will join in social and moral scum of all states («infiltranty», «invaders», «agitators», «intelligence», the revolutionary speculators and «missionaries»), all criminal, political and religious adventurers universe. Our homeland will be dissected with an incurable plague the world.

2. Establish immediately that prepares backstage international dismemberment of the Russian Federation has not for themselves nor the smallest reason, no real spiritual or political judgment, not counting the revolutionary demagogy awkward dread of single Russian and inveterate hostility to the Russian monarchy and the Eastern Orthodoxy. We know that Western nations might not understand and do not tolerate the Russian identity. They experience a single Russian government as a dam to their trade, language and aggressive distribution. They are going to divide the All-One Russian «broom» on twigs to break these twigs singly and rekindle the fire of their own civilization fading. They need to dismember Russia to conduct her through West equation and swagger and so kill her plan hatred and lust for power.

3. Vain they refer at all to this majestic principle of «freedom», «national freedom» requires de «political independence.» Nowhere and tribal division of peoples did not coincide with the municipal. All that history alive and gives convincing evidence. Always been small nations and tribes unable to municipal samostoyaniya. Ensure millennial history of the Armenians, the people temperamental and cultural identity, but not municipal; continue to ask: where independent countries Flemings (4.2 million in Belgium, 1 million in the Netherlands), or Walloons (4 million), why not sovereign Kimri Welsh and Scottish Gaels (0.6 million), where the country Croats (3 million), Slovenes (1.26 million), Slovaks (2.4 million), Wendy (65 thousand), French Basque (170 thousand), the Spanish Basques (450 thousand), Roma ( 5 million), Swiss Lodin (45 thousand), Spanish Catalans (6 million), Spanish Gallegos (2.2 million), Kurds (over 2 million), and more huge number of other Asian, African, Australian and American tribes?

So tribal «seams» of Europe and other continents do not coincide with municipal boundaries. Many small tribes and were saved only by the fact in history that adjoined more krupnosilnym peoples municipal and tolerant: separate these small tribes would mean — or transfer them to the new conquerors and thus completely destroy their distinctive cultural life, or to kill them completely, it would be spiritually destructive, economically wasteful and absurd state. Recall the history of the old Roman Empire — a huge number of people, «included», received the rights of Roman citizenship, original, and fenced from the barbarians. A modern British Empire? And exactly this is the same job kulturtregerskih unified Russia.

Neither history nor contemporary sense of justice do not know such rules: «how many tribes, so many states.» This is a newly invented, awkward and disastrous doctrine; and now it extends specifically in order to divide a single Russian and kill her distinctive spiritual culture.

What does the world dismemberment of Russia?

Map of Russian Empire


4. Next, let us not they say that «national minorities» were under the yoke of the Russian Federation Russian majority and its rulers. This is absurd and wrong fantasy. Our imperial homeland never denationalized their small nations, in contrast to the Germans at least in Western Europe.

Give to the trouble to look into the historical map of Europe and the era of Charles Lofty first Carolingian (768-843 at BC). You will find that almost from Denmark itself, the Elbe and the Elbe (Slavic «Laba»), through to Erfurt and Regensburg on the Danube were sitting Slavic tribes abodrity, lyutichi, linony, Hevelius, redarii, harboring, Sea Coast Dwellers, sorbitol, and many other . Where they all? That on their left? They were winning, eradication or complete denationalization by the Germans. Conqueror strategy was as follows: after a military victory in the camp the Germans summoned the leading stratum of the vanquished people; Know this grave on the spot; then decapitated people subjected to forced baptism into Catholicism, dissenters were killed tyschami; remaining forcibly Germanized and uncomplainingly. «Headless» conquered people have an old pan-German technique that was later used and the Czechs, and in our days are again the Czechs, Poles and Russian (and why were introduced in Russia the Bolsheviks with their terror).

Seest, has been heard of something similar in nibudt RF history? Never and nowhere! How many small tribes Our homeland has received in history, as she observed one. It stands out, however, the upper layers associated tribes, but only in order to incorporate them into its imperial upper layer. Neither forced baptism or eradication nor vseuravnivayuschim Russification she never worked. Forced denationalization and communist egalitarianism appeared only under the Bolsheviks.

And confirmation: the German population, absorb as much tribes brought brutal means to denationalization Vsegermanskogo homogeneity and general census in Russia initially set above 100 and later to 100 sixty different linguistic tribes; and up to 30 different faiths. And gentlemen Flesh Tearers forgets that the tribal composition of a proposed them for political subdivision observed a particularly imperial Our homeland.

Suffice it to recall the history of the German colonists in Russia. Whether they were subjected to 150 years of denationalization? They moved to the Volga and southern Russia in the second half of the XVIII century and later (1765-1809) — among the 40-50 thousand. By the beginning of XX century it was the richest layer of Russian peasants, numbering about 1.2 million people. All complied with its own language, their religion, their customs. And when, driven to despair by the expropriation of the Bolsheviks, they rushed backwards to Germany, the Germans heard with amazement in their mouths eternal — Holstein, Württemberg and other dialects. All reports of forced Russification were refuted this and osramleny.

But political propaganda does not stop in front of an obvious lie.

5. Next, it is necessary to establish that the dismemberment of the Russian Federation is the most geographically unsolvable puzzle. Imperial Our homeland was not looking at their tribes as firewood to be in moving from place to place; she never chased them around the country freely. Their resettlement in Russia was a matter of history and free settling: it was an irrational process, can not be reduced to any geographical demarcation; it was a process of colonization, care, resettlement, scattering, mixing, assimilation, reproduction and extinction. Open the pre-revolutionary Russian ethnographic map (1900-1910), and you will see the extraordinary diversity: the whole territory of our state was speckled malehankih «islands», «branches», «environments» tribal «bays», «straits», «channels» and » lakes. » Contemplate this tribal mixing and subsequent slip of the pen, note: 1) All of these color designations, because nobody bothered Georgians live in Kiev or St. Petersburg, Armenians in Bessarabia or Vladivostok, Arkhangelsk or Latvians in the Caucasus, the Circassians in Estonia, Great Russians everywhere and etc.; 2) because all these colors on the map indicate not «exceptional,» but only «predominantly» tribal population; 3) All these tribes in the last one or two centuries joined together by blood mixing, with kids from mixed marriages entered into new and new tribal mix; 4) consider another gift of the Russian spirit and Russian nature and inconspicuously nonauthoritatively Russified people of other blood, and transmitted to the southern Russian saying «Dad — Turks, mother — Greek, Russian people and I»; 5) distribute this process to the entire Russian countryside — from Araks to Varangerskoy sponges and from St. Petersburg to Yakutsk — and you’ll understand why the attempt failed Bolshevik ostentatious way to delimit the Russian national «republic».

Bolsheviks could not give each tribe its unusual terrain as all tribes are scattered and dispersed RF, mixed hard and geographically mixed together.

Getting isolated politically, each tribe claims, of course, for a «friends» of rivers and canals, tenderloin on the soil in the underground wealth, comfortable pastures lucrative trade routes and strategic defensive border, not to mention the main «array» of his tribe , seems to be few in number nor was this «array». And if we disregard the small and scattered tribes, such Votyaks, Permian, Zyrians, vorguly, Ostiaks Cheremis, Mordovians, Chuvash, Izhorians, talyshintsy, kryztsy, Dolgan Chuvans, Aleuts, varnishes, tabasartsy, Udi and other — and look only in the midst of national Caucasus and Central Asia, we see the following.

Settling a large and important tribes in Russia is such that each individual «gosudarstvitse» should give their «minority» neighbors and include abundant strangers own composition «minority». This was the first revolution in Central Asia with the Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kyrgyz and Turkmen-kaysakami: here samples of political disengagement caused only brutal rivalry, hatred and disobedience. It was the same and the Caucasus. State inveterate enmity between Azerbaijani Tatars and Armenians sought serious territorial division, and this section has appeared completely impossible: find a huge territorial units with a mixed population, and only the presence of Russian troops prevented a mutual massacre. Similar unhealthy knots formed at demarcation of Georgia and Armenia already in force on 1 that in Tiflis, the main town of Georgia, Armenians constituted almost half of the population, and, moreover, richer half.

It is clear that the Bolsheviks, who wanted under the guise of «national independence» isolate denationalise and internationalize Russian tribes allowed all these puzzles diktatorialnym arbitrariness, which hid behind the party-Marxist judgment Red Army and power tools.

Thus, national-territorial division of peoples was a matter of time immemorial doomed.

6. To all uttered should be added that a number of Russian tribes hitherto lived in a state of spiritual and state political uncultured: among them there are those who reside in the most basic religious shamanism; the whole «culture» is reduced to the many arts and crafts; nomadism far have not stamped out; with no natural borders of its territory, no major cities, nor their own written symbols or private middle and high schools, public or private intellectual or national identity, nor the municipal justice, they are (as it was understood Russian imperial government, and as confirmed the Bolsheviks) incapable of the simplest political life, not to mention the resolution of complex problems proceedings, national consulate, technology, diplomacy and strategy. In the hands of the Bolsheviks, they were political «puppets» impaled on the «fingers» of the Bolshevik dictatorship: move those fingers, and ill-fated «dolls» moved, bowed, pokorlivo shrugged and sputter-party Marxist obscenity. Demagoguery and deception, expropriation and terror, destruction of religion and life were given for «national flourishing» Russian minorities in the west were idiots and corrupt correspondents who sang this «liberation of the peoples.»

Inevitable question: After separation of these tribes from the Russian Federation who shall possess them? What foreign power will play them and pull out their best juice? ..

7. From the time elapsed decades Bolshevik tyranny, hunger and terror. Since that time a hurricane second world war and post-war was held «national cleansing.» For 33 years, as the Bolsheviks killed or vymarivayut hunger nepokorlivye population and the slack people of all tribes and nations Russian masses to concentration camps, new town and factories. Second global war budged the entire western half of the European RF, leading some («Ukrainians», the German colonists, Jews) to the east to the Urals and beyond the Urals, and the other to the west as prisoners «ostarbeiters» or refugees (including voluntarily went to Germany by a whole mass of the Kalmyks). Germans occupied the then Russian countryside with a population of about 85 million people, the masses of the hostages were shot and killed about half a million Jews. This mode shooting and movement then took the Bolsheviks after the working classes they won from their territories. Later began with public executions minorities: to be considered almost ruined the German colonists, the Crimean Tatars, Karachay, Chechens and Ingush, and now lasts execution in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Representatives UPRA calculus inhabitants killed 2.2 million in Belarus and Ukraine — in the 7-9 million. In addition, we significantly clear that retiring population of Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic supplemented population from the central provinces, with other national traditions and inclinations.

All this means that the process of extinction, state shuffling and mixing reached the breeding in Russia during the revolution of unusual size. Whole tribes disappeared completely or reduced to insignificance; entire province and region to wake up after the revolution, the new composition of the population; entire districts will zapustevshimi. All previous plans and calculations domination Flesh Tearers prove unfounded and untenable. If the Russian Revolution completed a third world war, the tribal and territorial structure of the Russian population there will be such a configuration, after which the idea of ​​national political dismemberment of Russia would be quite possible impracticability chimera up not only treasonous, but just stupid and impossible.

8. Yet we must be prepared for the fact that the Flesh Tearers RF try to hold their own aggressive and awkward experience even in poslebolshevistskom chaos, falsely presenting it as the supreme triumph of «freedom», «democracy» and «federalism»: Russian and tribal peoples death, adventurers thirsty political career on the «prosperity», opponents of the Russian Federation to the celebration. We must be prepared for this in-1-x, since German propaganda has invested a lot of money and effort in Ukrainian (and perhaps not only in Ukrainian) separatism; in-2, so far-fetched as psychosis «democracy» and decided «federalism» shrouded wide circles and postrevolutionary ambitious careerists; in-3, as the global backstage, decided to dismember Russia, depart from its own decision only when it plans suffer complete collapse.


9. And when the Bolsheviks after the fall of global advocacy throw in all the Russias chaos motto: «The peoples of the former Russian, dismember» — it will reveal two abilities: either inside the Russian Federation, the Russian state dictatorship will fall, which will take in strong hands «reins» repay this motto disastrous and lead to the unity of Russia, preventing any and all separatist movements in the country; or else such a dictatorship does not work out, and the country will begin an unthinkable chaos of movement, returns, vengeance, pogroms, the collapse of transport, unemployment, hunger, cold and anarchy.

Then Our homeland is shrouded anarchy and give themselves away to their public, military, political and religious opponents. It has developed a swirl that pogroms and confusion, that «evil Maelstrom», which we pointed out in 1 pt; then some of her will find salvation in «being about themselves», ie in the dismemberment.

Needless to say, this state of anarchy zahochut use all our «good people»; start various military intervention under the pretext of «samoograzhdeniya», «pacification», «restore order», etc. Remember 1917-1919 years when everyone is taking bad lying Russian good; when Britain drowned Union-Russian ships under the pretext that they were «dangerous revolutionary,» and Germany invaded Ukraine and reaching as far as the Don and Volga. And «good neighbors» again to use all kinds of intervention: diplomatically dangerous military occupation, the seizure of raw materials, the assignment «concessions», theft of military supplies, single, party and mass bribery, the company hired separatist gangs (under the title «national federal armies «), a puppet government, inciting wars civilians and deepening of the Chinese standard. A brand new League of Nations will try to establish a «new order» means correspondence (Paris, Berlin or Geneva) resolutions aimed at the dismemberment of state oppression and Russia.

Assume for the moment that all these «freedom and democracy» efforts will be crowned with success and temporarily Our homeland is dismembered. What did this experience give Russian people and the adjacent powers?

10. The very moderate counting — up to 20 individual «states» that have neither uncontested areas, nor noble governments, no laws, no trial, no armies, no definitely state population. 20 empty titles. But nature abhors a vacuum. And these political pit formed, these eddies separatist anarchy gush human wickedness: in-1-x, well-trained adventurers revolution under new names; in-2, adjacent hirelings powers (of the Russian emigration); in-3, foreign adventurers, condottieri, speculators and «missionaries» (re-read «Boris Godunov» and Pushkin’s historical chronicles Shakespeare). All this would be interested in prolonging chaos in protivorusskoy agitation and propaganda, political and religious corruption.

Slowly, over decades will be composed new, or have fallen otchlenennye country. Each lead with each adjacent long-term struggle for the area and the population that would be tantamount to endless wars in civilian borders of Russia.

Will appear more avaricious, ruthless and unscrupulous «psevdogeneraly» produce for themselves «subsidies» abroad and start the latest massacre. 20 countries will comprise 20 ministries (20ґ10, very little, 200 ministers), 20 parliaments (20ґ200, at least 4,000 members of parliament), 20 armies, 20 staffs, 20 military industry, intelligence and counter 20, 20 police, 20 customs and restraining systems and 20 world scattered diplomatic and consular missions. 20 detuned budget and monetary units require numerous cash loans; Loans will be given «powers» under warranty «democratic», «concession», «commercial and industrial» and «military» kind. New countries will be in a few years adjacent satellites powers foreign colonies or «protectorates». Popular stories from our federal inability of the Russian population and is as historically proven to pull his «self Figuring ‘complement the deal: federation no one remembers, and mutual bitterness Russian neighbors lead them to prefer foreign slavery vserusskomu unity.

11. To illustrate imagine Russia in a state of insanity that long, rather imagine for themselves the fate of «independence of Ukraine.»

This «state» would first have to make the latest line of defense against Ovruch to Kursk and on through to Bakhmut Kharkiv and Mariupol. Accordingly, should be «bristling» front against Ukraine and Great and the Don Army. Both adjacent countries will know that Ukraine is based on Germany and its satellites and is that in the case of the latest war between Germany and Russia will Germanic coming from the very beginning of Kursk to Moscow, from Kharkov to the Volga and from Mariupol Bachmuth and the Caucasus. This is brand new strategic situation in which most items hitherto Germans will promote their initial pt.

Easy to imagine for themselves and how this latest strategic situation would react Poland, France, Britain and the United States; they quickly realized that to recognize the independence of Ukraine — it means giving the Germans (ie recognize the First and Second World Wars played!) and provide them with not only the southern Russian bread, coal and iron, and they cede the Caucasus, the Volga and the Urals.

At this can begin sobering Western Europe from the «federal» from the all-Russian fervor and dismemberment.

12. From all this it is clear that the plan for the dismemberment of the Russian Federation has its own limit on the real interests of Russia and the world’s population.

Abstract discussions underway until until doctrinaire political push «alluring» slogans, bet on Russian traitors and forgets imperialist lust enterprising neighbors; until they believe Russia goner and buried, and therefore defenseless, its dismemberment case may seem a foregone conclusion and easy. But at one point, the majestic powers realize in imagination the inevitable consequences of this subdivision and one day wakes Our homeland and speak; Then the solution would be problematic and easy to difficult.

Our homeland as mining, abandoned the spoil is a value that no one will master on which all quarrel, which will bring to life nesusvetnye and unacceptable threat to the world’s population. The world economy, and without loss of balance derived from healthy production of, sees himself before fixing this infertility 10s years. World balance, already became shaky as ever, would be hopeless to new unheard tests. Dismemberment of the Russian Federation will not give anything distant powers and strengthen indescribably nearest neighbors-imperialists. Hard to come up with a measure, more profitable for Germany, particularly as the proclamation of the Russian «psevdofederatsii»: it would mean «to debit the account» the First World War, the entire interwar period (1918-1939) and the entire Second World War — and open the way for Germany’s global hegemony . Independent Ukraine only and may be «stepping stone» to the world’s leading Germans guidance.

Particularly Germany, apprehended an old dream of Gustavus Adolphus, tries to discard Russia «Moscow era.» With all this it, considering the Russian people as created for her historical «manure» quite unable to understand that our homeland will not perish from the partition, but will begin to play the entire course of their own history anew: it is as majestic «organism», again would start to collect their «members», move along the rivers to the sea, to the mountains, to coal, to bread, to oil, to uranium.

Frivolous and foolish act enemies of, «injecting» Russian tribes politically reckless idea of ​​dismemberment. This idea was the dismemberment of the European powers at one point put forward by the Congress of Versailles (1918). Then it was adopted and implemented. And that after all? In Europe, a number of small and feeble samootstavanii countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; mnogozemelnaya but neudobozaschitimaya Poland; strategically hopeless, because everywhere udoboprolomimaya and internally severed Czechoslovakia; small and disarmed Austria; stripped-down, exhausted and resentful Hungary; funny to bloated and strategically worthless Romania; and not as wide as before, but knitted insulted, dreaming of revenge Germany. Since then, 30 years have passed, and when we look back now on the course of events, one can not help asking ourselves, maybe Versailles policy want to cook for militant Germany and unprotected abundant prey — from Narva to Varna and from Bregenz to Baranovichy? After all, they have turned this whole European region in a «kindergarten» and left these defenseless «red hats» alone with an angry and hungry wolf … Were they so naive that they pinned their hopes on the French «governess,» which «will bring up» wolf ? Either they underestimated the actual energy plans and haughty Germans? Either they thought that our homeland as before rescue European equilibrium, for representing and convince themselves that Russian government is our homeland? Whatever the question, the absurdity …

Hard to say right now what exactly these gentlemen and then thought about what wonder. Clearly they just cooked the dismemberment of Europe, concluded between the German and Russian imperialism was the greatest stupidity of the twentieth century. Unfortunately, this stupidity taught them nothing and dismemberment recipe again extracted from the diplomatic satchels.

But for us mentor that European politicians have started talking at once — on the pan-European association of the All-Russian and dismemberment! We have long been listening to these voices. Back in the 1920s in Prague prominent Socialist Revolutionaries in public blabbed about this plan, avoiding the word «Russia» and replacing it with a descriptive phrase «countries to the east of the Curzon band.» We then noted this same perspective and, in fact, made treacherous terminology and corresponding output: global backstage Russia buries a single national …

It’s not smart. Not farsightedness. Hurriedly in hatred and hopeless forever. Our homeland is not human dust and chaos. It is the first dignified people, not squandered their own forces and not despairing of their own vocation. This people are hungry for a free order for peaceful work as belonging to the state and culture. Do not bury it as soon as possible!

Historical moment will come, he will rise from the far-fetched and will claim back the coffin of their rights!
Ivan Ilyin created July 15, 1950 Mr.


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