What if the hair fall out?

Hair loss can be a symptom of many diseases, both local and systemic. To understand the situation and solve the problem, you need a doctor who treats hair — triholog. For consultation trihologa better to come on the second day after shampooing. Before the visit to the doctor is not necessary to change the usual hair care products, or to experiment with therapeutic drugs.

What if the hair fall out?

The procedure phototrichogram

In many ways, the doctor will sort out in the course of conversation. Then trichologist will diagnose the state of the scalp and hair with a special camera, giving an increase of 60 and 200 times, combined with the computer. Videodiagnostika — just an inspection of the scalp on the increase, phototrichogram — a more detailed analysis on the head to trim a tiny portion (about 0.8 cm2). Through 2-3 Days of the patient returns to the doctor that colors this part of paint for the eyebrows (so that all the hairs are clearly visible), and examines the camcorder. This inspection will help to distinguish between different types of hair loss and re-phototrichogram four months — objectively show how effectively treated.

At the end of the first visit triholog take the hair on the biochemical analysis. To do this in ten different places on the head pulled out one hair at all. It does not hurt and quickly. According to the hair roots in the laboratory will determine the metabolic rate (the lower it is, the more need treatment). The main part of the hair — the core — check on the degree of elution of the protein on which to decide whether to be treated directly rods.

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Type of hair roots to increase

Perhaps at the consultation the doctor will prescribe additional blood tests (biochemical and hormones) or referral to a gynecologist, endocrinologist, or gastroenterologist.

After two or three days, all the tests will be ready and trichologist, setting a diagnosis can appropriate treatment. Most likely, you will encounter one of three situations.

Telogen alopecia or "ballast overboard!"

The essence of this form of hair loss that much hair at once transferred directly from the growth phase to phase of extinction. As a result, two or three months after metamorphosis begins lump-sum loss.

Why is this happening? When the body needs to mobilize its forces, it is, first and foremost, "deprives allowances" those tissues that are not vital. And the first in this list is the black hair.

Therefore, any stress: like a sudden conflict or painful experiences, and transferred a cold, spring vitamin deficiency, sudden change of habitual set of drugs or their complete elimination, exacerbation of chronic diseases can lead to hair loss.

Fortunately, this condition is reversible. Sometimes it can end itself when the cause has exhausted itself, but it may become chronic, the approximate criterion of the transition — if such loss is longer than three months. However, it is better not to wait so long, and to support hair initially, until there was a reduction in hair density, as the density of the recovery is a lengthy process.

Alopecia, telogen feature — daily profuse hair loss, especially noticeable when shampooing and combing. But throw away the anxiety, telogen alopecia almost never gives complete baldness, hair regenerate after treatment in the same volume, though not immediately.

As prescribed by a doctor?

At first, two or three deep cleansing beauty treatments scalp preparation for treatment. Then you need to stimulate the hair and apply to their roots additionally required nutrients. To do this, a course of mesotherapy. Necessary 3-6 Player mikroiektsy the scalp. Hold a needle mesotherapy, which itself is no thicker than a hair.

The doctor will recommend to buy home medicated shampoo, lotion and mask preferably in conjunction with home appliance physiotherapy.

Trichology diagnosis

Treatment of Scalp


Restoration of the structure of hair

Hairdresser "medical profile"

A one-three months is necessary to drink vitamins, calcium pantothenate and other general medicines actions such sulfur-containing amino acid or aloe formulations. The exact selection of medicines the doctor will make.

"Excesses" or high fat head, dandruff.

If you have too high sebum, in the absence of treatment, the mouth of the hair follicles become clogged with exfoliated skin cells. Hair food and metabolic processes are violated, the scalp is inflamed. All this leads to a progressive thinning of hair and stop their growth. This is evident from videodiagnostike. When viewed with the naked eye, the scalp may look clean, but at high magnification doctor immediately clear clogged pores and inflamed hair roots.

As prescribed by a doctor?

First and most importantly — cleaning the mouths of the follicles. Better if it will be professional peels the skin of the head, held an expert, but there are effective and kits for home treatment (firms Optima, Simone, etc etc.). Triholog help you choose the appropriate one. Course — 7-14 Procedures.

At the same time it is necessary reduce bacterial activity scalp. This is achieved by using regular household products containing piroctone olamine, klimbazol, tea tree oil, tar, zinc, etc etc. More effective when the vehicle combines several above-mentioned active substances in high concentrations. Usually, it's professional products sold at the clinic on the advice of a doctor.

Normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands Homeopathic Mesotherapy can be carried out in the clinic, the course — 7-14 Procedures, home care facilities with comparable effectiveness is almost non-existent.

Androgenetic alopecia — "Your family trait."

In women, a pattern of hair loss can be inherited as alopecia and consequence endocrinological diseases that may lead to an excess of male hormones. In this situation, alopecia accompanied by disruption of the menstrual cycle. When will correct the hormonal imbalance is restored and hairstyle.

The most common cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. It occurs in both men and women. This type of hair loss — just inherited age feature like eye color or a birthmark. The gist of it is that the hair follicles are receptors of the male sex hormones (androgens). Under their influence the hair on your head slows its growth, becoming thinner and thinner, and then completely stop growing. On body hair while on the contrary, becoming thicker and thicker).

In this form of hair loss hair fall out gradually, slowly and quietly going strong, especially since we rarely discern his parietal with which it begins alopecia.

As prescribed by a doctor?

Before trichologist task — to strengthen your hair and protect it from androgens. To do this, both men and women show a systematic daily
massaging the scalp minoxidil solution.

In this type of alopecia are also effective methods of non-specific strengthening hair (mesotherapy, physical therapy) until the hair loss has only just begun. The later you go to the trichologist, the worse the prognosis.

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Just for men, hormone system which has a number of features designed finasteride tablets. They drink a few months. If the patient has already parted with most of the hair on the head, the most effective combination of minoxidil for daily rubbing and receiving finasteride inside.

Regardless of the diagnosis, the treatment of alopecia is very important to trust the doctor. The fight against hair loss — the process is quite serious, so our advice is — do not hesitate to ask your doctor. And triholog, and the patient immediately associates.

Available funds for physical therapy and home medical cosmetics for hair.

Details of the individual program for the treatment of all types of hair loss — to consult trihologa.

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