What is a dietary supplement?

Dietary supplements (nutraceuticals)

According to experts, people's health by 12% depending on the level of health care, 18% — from a genetic predisposition, and by 70% — from the way of life, the most important of which is the term diet.

Medical opinions, never differing stability in general, throughout all of human history were unanimous on one point: the worse the food, the more diseases. Experts say that the human diet today should contain more than 600 different substances (nutrients). Unfortunately, a balanced diet from all food substances can not afford not all. And then come to the rescue biologically active additives (BAA)— Concentrates numbers of natural substances isolated from food raw animal (including marine), mineral, vegetable origin, or obtained by chemical synthesis substances identical to natural counterparts.

The vast majority of them have various medicinal properties, if enters the body in certain amounts, proportions and combinations. The main difference from drugs is that the Supplements help the body to eliminate the self-tuning and disorders that lead to development of a disease. Supplements do not work instead of regulatory systems, and eliminate the deficiency or excess of any connections in the human body. Their application allows consistently recover organism without suffering damage, without deleterious side effects, typical of many medications.

Available in Supplements, as formulations in the form of balms, extracts, tinctures (by alcohol), infusions (without alcohol), creams, dry and liquid concentrates, syrups, tablets, powders etc.

From dietary supplements to be distinguished taste-, color-and form-building supplements that do not make up for the nutrients in the body and are used to improve the taste, appearance and safety of food products.

What are dietary supplements?

  • nutraceuticals;
  • parapharmaceutics;
  • eubiotics.

Nutraceuticals— It is essential (indispensable) Nutrients (food components), such as vitamins or precursors thereof, fatty acids, minerals and trace elements, individual amino acids, some mono-and disaccharides, etc. Typically, a natural food ingredients, but the body for future use, they can not be delayed, so the constant need to be in the diet.

Nutraceuticals are used for correcting the chemical composition of the food. This kind of intermediate between food and medicine, which saturates organism nutrients, but completely replace the food can not. With the help of nutraceuticals can correct diet healthier organism, prevent the development of disease, but the disease can not be cured.

Parapharmaceuticals used for prevention, therapy and auxiliary physiological limits maintain functional activity of organs and systems. This organic components of food and medicinal plants, seafood and components of animal tissues. Typically, this minor food components such as organic acids, bioflavonoids, caffeine, biogenic amines, di-and regulatory oligopeptides etc.

Parapharmaceutics daily dose or in the case of the composition of its active ingredient should not exceed single therapeutic dose given to them as drugs, they must be taken at least twice a day.

Eubiotics— This biologically active food supplements, which contain live microorganisms, and (or) their metabolites that have a normalizing effect on the structure and biological activity of the microflora of the digestive tract. By based on natural human intestinal microorganisms (bifidobacteria, lactobacilli, etc.), they limit propagation of pathogenic micro-organisms used for the normalization of the saprophyte and functioning gut. Great importance to these dietary supplements are for the prevention and adjuvant therapy of widespread dysbacterioses.

From these definitions it follows that a clear distinction between the two groups of dietary supplements is not, and this classification for the consumer has no practical significance, although belonging to a particular group is indicated on the labels of dietary supplements often. But find out whether a particular product is strong or toxic components, would be superfluous. Especially as defined and clearly reasoned opinion that is Supplements and what is their role in the organization of the human diet, does not exist.

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