What is abortion?

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Abortion — This abortion. Do it on different terms in any medical institution where the gynecology department. Only 2% of our compatriots, who was 40 years old, never in my life have had an abortion.

More often than not interrupt the unwanted pregnancy, that is, such as a woman believes that having a baby is not in their immediate plans. The reasons for this may be many: do not let finances or living space, the father of the baby is unknown or he does not want to take responsibility for the child. The most easy and safe are medical (up to 8 weeks) and a vacuum abortion (up to 5 weeks). There is also a classic version of the abortion (12 weeks) — it's more of a traumatic manipulation, which, fortunately, is now timeis rarely used.

In some cases, abortion made for medical reasons. For instance, iftime pregnant woman seriously ill with an infectious disease that can lead to impaired development of the fetus if she drank medication that is contraindicated during pregnancy, when it is probable that the child will be born with disabilities, etc.

According to Russian legislation, abortion is allowed only later stages of social (up to 22 weeks) and medical (regardless of gestational age) using a small C-section or intrauterine administration of special preparations.

However, one must understand that any interference with the work of the body, and especially surgery, can cause complications of varying severity. In some cases, threatened abortion infertility. And the more term terminate the pregnancy, the greater the risk of complications. So you should think twice before exposing yourself to such a test. And if the factors "for" are more powerful, it is necessary to contact the clinics are able to experience difficult to provide any assistance required.

Mandatory testing before an abortion:

  • analysis blood B-hCG (Chorionic gonadotropin, a protein associated with pregnancy), to confirm the pregnancy and the precise definition of its term;
  • vaginal smear on the flora;
  • analysis for HIV;
  • RW (Syphilis);
  • Hepatitis C and B;
  • blood group and Rh factor.

Unlike many Muslim countries and some Catholic (Poland, Ireland, Portugal) in Russia abortion can be done legally, so in any case can not attempt to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy or use of this service people without proper medical training. In any case, you should consult withobstetrician-gynecologist as before the abortion and observed some time thereafter.

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