What to bring to the hospital?

What to bring to the hospital.  Photo from www.veer.com

When a woman goes into labor and need to go to the maternity hospital, the time and effort to gather usually no. Therefore it is better for a week or two before the expected delivery date to prepare a bag with everything you need.

There must include:

  • passport;
  • exchange card;
  • policy of compulsory health insurance;
  • a contract for the delivery, if you give birth charge;
  • Slippers (not fluffy, any washable).

Sometimes that's about it — nothing more take the maternity ward are not allowed. If you give birth under the contract, it is usually allowedtake mobile phone (not to forget the charger) and the player, camera, and even a video camera, but it's better to know in advance. During labor, you can not eat, so food take is not necessary. And here's a bottle of water costs take with him.

In the postpartum unit you need:

  • Sanitary pads (Maxi);
  • disposable briefs (and can be reusable, but they have to erase);
  • Nursing bras;
  • pack of diapers for children from 3 to 6 kg;
  • cream for cracked nipples;
  • cotton swabs;
  • toilet articles (toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, shampoo, soap in a soap dish, a cream for the face and body, essential cosmetics, etc etc..);
  • tableware (bowl, sometimes cutlery);
  • Many are allowed to use the hospital dressing gown, pajamas, towels;
  • paper and pen to write notes or keep a journal;
  • anything read.

For discharge usually requires a set of clothes for the baby, depending on the season, the envelope and diapers. All this can give a lift to an extract relatives.

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