What to do after casual relationships?

What to do after casual relationships?

What to do in case there was unprotected sexual contact (the condom broke, contact the influence of alcohol or drugs with a casual partner, and so on)?

In this case, there are three possibilities:

  • First, within a few days after such intercourse to prevent genital infections (prophylactic treatment). This will prevent the development of bacterial sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, syphilis, trichomoniasis). Prophylaxis is carried out for several days after intercourse. Through 3-4 weeks should be examined by a venereologist. Preventive treatment regimen appropriate treatment is fresh uncomplicated infection.
  • Second, you can not be prevented, wait 3-4 weeks, and then be examined by a venereologist. Before 3-4 Weeks surveyed makes no sense, because, during the incubation period of the disease there are no symptoms, and laboratory research in this period are not informative.
  • Third, in most cases difficult doable: you can convince your sexual partners to come to the reception to be tested for venereal diseases and infections transmitted through sexual contact. If it did not match, then you will not catch anything.

Which of these options is preferable? It depends on the situation. It is best to resolve the issue is not their own, but together with thevenereal disease specialist, to help assess the risk of infection.

How tolerated prevention casual sex? Is it not dangerous to health?

Most drugs prescribed for the prevention of random connections, assigned only once, that is, they are taken orally or injected intramuscularly once. Therefore, in most cases, the side effects of antibiotic therapy (intestinal dysbiosis, candida / yeast infection) did not have time to manifest. Side effects of antibiotics usually occur with a longer their reception.

The only thing to be feared in the prevention of casual relationships — this drug allergy. Therefore, if you suffer from allergies to medicines, be sure to tell your doctor.

How often can be prevented casual sex?

Prophylaxis after casual sex — this is an extreme (backup) method of preventing sexually transmitted diseases. It can not be done frequently, and therefore can not be considered as an alternative to condoms (as many would like.)

Furthermore, prophylaxis after casual sex does not prevent the development of viral diseases (genital herpes, human papilloma virus infection / genital warts, HIV infection).

How effective prevention of sexually transmitted diseases chlorhexidine (Gibitan, Miramistin, etc.)?

Prophylaxis with chlorhexidine — not a very reliable method. It does not give guarantees. Moreover, in some cases, the prevention chlorhexidine may do more harm than good. For example, a person relying on this method, promiscuous lives, without a condom. However, he sees no need to be checked at venereologist. As a result, they risk purchase a "bouquet" of sexually transmitted diseases.

In women douching with chlorhexidine can create a breeding ground for bacterial vaginosis.

Source: Site Venerologiya.Ru

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