What to do if you have sensitive teeth

The image of man is inseparable from his or her health, including from strong healthy teeth. Unfortunately, their sensitivity is not conducive to the creation of the desired image. What kind of image are we talking about when on a business lunch has to suppress a grimace of suffering due to the reaction of the teeth to hot, cold, sweet, spicy. When pain occurs at the slightest impact on the teeth, even by inhalation of cold air all around is not a pleasant experience. In this article, we'll show you how to get a "taste" of life, but first sort out why there is a heightened sensitivity of the teeth and who are at risk.

We are looking for the causes of disease

Tooth sensitivity, or scientifically, hypersensitivity (hyperesthesia) is characteristic only of the living teeth that have damaged enamel or exposed sensitive areas of the tooth. Hyperesthesia reasons may be:

  • use of acidic foods, drinks aggressive, a number of medications;
  • smoking (one of the most powerful reasons);
  • caries, periodontal disease;
  • increased load on the chewing surface of the teeth that can lead to a blurring of the top layer of enamel;
  • whitening teeth or their mechanical treatment for crowns;
  • serious infections, endocrine and nervous and mental disorders;
  • toxaemia of pregnancy;
  • menopause;
  • violation of the calcium-phosphorus metabolism in the body.

Who is affected by hyperesthesia

Everything indicates that the increased sensitivity of the teeth can appear in each of us. Suffice it for a while he borrowed the "wrong" toothpaste or ice cream washed down with hot coffee to "receive" the erosion of tooth tissue. The role is played and age, because after 25 years, more than 40% of the population have at least one tooth with a defect, opening a "road" to the sensitive area of the tooth. That percentage doubled in the age categories of 30 to 50 years.

You can not ignore the fact that among the many causes of hyperesthesia "female" disease, which means that women have a special reason for the proper care of their teeth.

How our grandmothers were treated

Traditional medicine to reduce tooth sensitivity suggests the following ways:

  • decoction of oak bark with astringent and antiseptic properties (1 tablespoon of dried bark and "boil" for 5-7 minutes in 200 g of water, cool, rinse your mouth three times a day ..);
  • infusion of chamomile — calming and analgesic (1 tablespoon of dried flowers, pour a glass of boiled water, 1:00, rinse 5 times a day);
  • decoction of burdock — anaesthetises (1 tsp dried herbs pour 250 g of hot water, boil for 3 minutes, every hour drain and rinse 3-5 times a day ..).

How to radically improve the situation

If you are looking for the correct guidance in addressing identified problem, then paste for sensitive teeth LACALUT very sensitive — The best of them. New therapeutic and preventive product for oral care will keep bright and striking image at all times

LACALUT very sensitive — justingoal

Prophylactic toothpaste contains very sensitive LACALUT a unique complex of active ingredients, intentionally "working" to reduce tooth sensitivity. It's about potassium chloride and strontium acetate. The unique advantage of pasta LACALUT is very sensitive to the fact that it:

  • instantly blocks the pain receptors,
  • reduces the excitability of nerve fibers dentin
  • conductivity reduces pain.

Toothpaste LACALUT very sensitive recommended courses of 30-60 days. After applying the paste over 5-6 weeks teeth have a normal sensitivity.

Other active ingredients LACALUT very sensitive:

  • gently clean enamel,
  • provide effective support for healthy teeth and gums,
  • prevent the emergence and development of caries,
  • control the formation of plaque,
  • strengthen gums and tooth enamel,
  • deodorize the mouth.

The problem of tooth sensitivity refers to the category of those that will sooner or later for almost every one of us. However with toothpaste LACALUT your reaction is very sensitive for hot or cold food, sweet or hot spices,there will always be a normal and absolutely painless.

Get pleasure from the taste with LACALUT very sensitive and do not limit yourself to anything!

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