What we bring winter?

Winter is a great time of the year, as Pushkin wrote: "frost and sun, a wonderful day." Unfortunately, the frost is not only beautifies nature, but also adversely affects the human body. It's no secret that it was in the autumn-winter period increased incidence of acute respiratory infections and colds, and the frequency of complications such as pneumonia and chronic bronchitis.

Of course, this does not mean that you necessarily get sick in the winter. Under normal circumstances, immunity person copes with the majority of infections at an early stage and does not allow for the development of the above-mentioned complications. But there are many factors that can reduce the effectiveness of the protective barriers of the body, it is a variety of chronic infection, unhealthy lifestyle and environmental conditions.


Who is at risk?

Almost all the inhabitants of Russia. In the summer of Chief Minister Alexander Chuchalin therapist said that "could have undergone particularly susceptible to viral diseases, factors hypothermia, respiratory infections." However, all is well forgotten old was able to. As it turned out, in vain, because it undermined the immune system and increase the likelihood of getting sick of the coming winter.

The first is, of course, for those who are already experiencing problems with the respiratory system — allergies, bronchial asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases, as well as children and the elderly.

However, healthy people in the prime of life were also at risk — their immune system was down because of the smog. After all, very few people used the summer insulating gas masks, and all other assets — gauze, masks and "ordinary" respirators do not protect from the smoke.


As the smoke affect the immune system?

The fact that human bronchi that long time inhaled the smoke will degrade the so-called ciliary epithelium, which consists of a plurality of microscopic villi. These villi are constantly fluctuating and take out the mucus out of the lungs with harmful substances and microbes.

If this mechanism is disrupted — the viscosity of mucus increases, the mobility of cilia decreases, the respiratory system becomes more vulnerable, thus decreasing immunity. What we bring winter?

Of course, the smoke particles settled in the lungs is not forever, but they will be displayed for a long time, for example, clearing the lungs of a smoker takes at least a year.


Simple tips to get sick in winter

Suffice it to observe a few simple rules to minimize the risk of disease.

It is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, especially after such a "hot" summer like the past.

Need to walk in the fresh air: light must be "aired" (but do not supercool!).

In the food should be consumed more vegetables and fruits as well as berries (cranberries and cranberry), drink green tea, rose hip syrup. If you're not sure that you get a complete set of nutrients with food, you should think about taking vitamins A and E. This will help to remove the effects of stress suffered by the body during time smog.


If you're already sick …

Necessary more drink and take drugs that thin the mucus (these medicines contain the amino acid NAC) and antioxidants (vitamins A and E). Optimally, the combination of the antioxidant N-acetylcysteine and one formulation. The only such tool is the "Fluimucil." It consists of acetylcysteine and beta-carotene — a precursor of vitamin A. In time cold enough to take one tablet a day.


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