What we brush our teeth? Myth of fluoride, which strengthens our teeth

I will talk about the most famous "additive" in toothpastes, which disputes can not shut up for over half a century! We take for granted all that we repeat on television, and when buying toothpaste, actually believe that it will eliminate bleeding gums, destroy harmful bacteria and ensure fresh breath. In fact — this is all lies!

Scientists in Germany have found that toothpaste is not the ability to prevent tooth decay!
Why people started adding fluoride to toothpaste and water? As always in this story involved a lot of money and politics.
Fluoride is waste in the manufacture of metal … "

In the period of 1956-1968 g, on the harm caused to health only by fluorine, in clusters of aluminum smelters, the court has got more lawsuits than the other 20, and (!) Pollutants combined.

Definitely there was a pressing need to both — that guard against such a huge number of claims, and for this very nice to have a "theory" is based on actual research, which preaches that fluorides are good for health.
The most influential and senior doctors and researchers at the service of the issue of the proof of the usefulness of water fluoridation and use of fluoride.

This work was sponsored by the following organizations — Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA), Aluminum Company of Canada, Research Institute of America, DuPont, Kaiser Aluminum, Reynolds Metals, United Steel, National Institute of Dental Research (NIIOS).

Their plan was to convince the utility of dental fluoride, and then the doctors 'sell' fluorine others.
The old system, "… a lie repeated many times (in the form of advertising) is perceived by many people as the truth …"
But in fact, just a heavy fluoride poison we contact you voluntarily put himself in the mouth and our children twice a day, or 730 times a year. Statistics say that 97% of adults in the world each day spent on oral hygiene in an average of 45 seconds instead of the 4 minutes. It is this fact helps all users of toothpaste "no load" Fluorine and its compounds, and this fact is one of the main responses to FDA employees that fluoride is not harmful. Although, by definition, the same FDA (U.S. Department of Pharmaceutical), sodium fluoride is registered as a rat poison.

In Russia, the fluoridation of water — one of the operations used in the preparation of drinking water. Performed on the wastewater treatment plant. As reagents for water fluoridation used sodium fluorosilicate, sodium fluoride, ammonium silicofluoride, fluosilicic acid.
We also have added fluoride to milk! This is similar to the genocide of the nation.

But the company does not fool the mass fluoridation of all. Many countries have banned fluoridation and fluoride use in personal care products: Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Northern. Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland. Fluoride is very harmful to the brain, it destroys the immune system and can cause genetic changes of the fetus during pregnancy, increasing the risk of cancer including bone cancer.
Among the consequences of the prolonged use of fluoride occur: CANCER, genetically modified DNA, obesity, lowered IQ, lethargy, Alzheimer's and many others.

Fluoride — a medicine or poison?

Recently, the Belgian authorities have announced a ban on the sale of tablets and chewing gum with fluoride. The reason for the ban were the results of an independent study commissioned by the Ministry of Health of Belgium. It showed that the number of osteoporosis and neurological disorders among people taking higher doses of fluoride. However, after the ban fluoride funds will be available, but only by prescription. Thus Belgium became the first European country to cast doubt on the miraculous properties of fluoride.

European doctors, especially dentists responded to the controversial ban, many of them still believe that fluoride in moderation effectively helps in the fight against tooth decay. Is this true?

Relationship between pathology of dental hard tissues and bone fluoride with drugs has been known for a long time. In 1931, the law was found: the smaller fluoride contained in the source of drinking water, the more affected teeth and bones of people who use this source, and vice versa, the more fluoride comes into contact with drinking water, the fewer teeth affected by caries.

In 1940, fluoride was first added to the water supply system in a U.S. city. The event was to prevent tooth decay epidemic which broke out then in North America. Medical scientists have noted that in the fifteen years of consumption of "healing" water caries incidence has fallen by more than three times. However, along with this, part of the population were found strange changes of enamel: brown spots on the teeth, the roughness, the defeat of the skeletal bones. This phenomenon is called endemic fluorosis.

The World Health Organization offers the optimal daily dose of fluoride for adults 1.5 — 4.0 mg / day. To meet the need in fluorine adult should drink 42 grams of black tea, or eat 300 grams of walnuts, 700 g salmon, 3.5 kg of corn bread, or drink 20 liters of milk. The greatest number of fluorine containing black and especially green tea, nuts, seafood (mackerel, cod, salmon, sardines, shrimp), freshwater fish, grains (rice, buckwheat, oats, corn), onions, potatoes, wine, beef, chicken , whole milk, eggs, apples, grapefruits.

According to some, from drinking water in the human body to digest 60 to 70% fluorine. In the body of the average person weighing 70 kg contains 2.6 g of fluorine. Without fluoride is poorly absorbed iron, so iron deficiency and caries — two diseases that go hand in hand. Fluoride ensures normal growth of hair and nails, is actively involved in the exchange of calcium and phosphorus, stimulates the removal of the body of heavy metals and radionuclides. It is present in human bone tissue, especially in the dentin and enamel of the teeth.

But, despite this, some fluorinated drugs should be cautious. Doses greater than 10 mg of fluoride per 1 kg of food lead to permanent deformation of the bones of more than 5 mg per 1 kg of food — change the color of tooth enamel. A large dose of fluoride — 2 g — cause serious poisoning. Doses of 5-10 g deadly. Fluorosis affects the teeth, violates the thyroid and parathyroid glands, nervous and skeletal systems, changes the metabolism in the body. Demonstrated that high levels of fluoride in water is one of the causes of cancer.

Children are especially sensitive to all substances and to fluoride — especially. During the formation and mineralization of bone and teeth (ie, 15-17 years), it is particularly necessary fluoride. He assimilated in childhood and adolescence, and the body is delayed more than the adults. Isolation of fluoride in urine is 10% smaller and 50% of the incoming fluorine salts. The daily requirement depends on the age, weight, and power consumption from the floor.

Doctors suggest fluoridate water, milk, salt, and even flour.

The advertisement is aggressively promoting protivokarioznyh toothpastes containing fluoride. Since 1982 works contained in toothpastes fluoristat system, which, according to the manufacturer, for 1 minute brushing provides the same amount of fluoride in an accessible way as traditional fluoride system, for example, sodium monofluorophosphate (NaMFP), used in many other Pasta. It is emphasized that the fluoride in the system fluoristat starts immediately after being hit in the mouth and teeth.

Yes, the effect is obvious, if you use it in a large deficit of fluoride in drinking water. But the question arises whether there is a side effect from this, it would seem, a successful system? Would not it be an overdose of fluoride toothpaste on the application that already contains fluoride, and use of drinking water, contain high amounts of fluoride? And who informs us about the content of fluoride in drinking water? Both without compromising the health apply fluoride to prevent cavities?

Calculations show that the additional introduction of fluoride in the body impossible to eradicate caries. Maximum — up to 40-50% — can only reduce the incidence. First, the cause of caries process lies not only in violation of mineral metabolism. Second, even with the current rate of fluoride concentration in drinking water in 20-40% of the population is defined fluorosis (non-carious lesions of enamel). According to recent surveys, the situation threatens to fluorosis develops in many cities in the Moscow region (prominent, Podolsk, Egorievsk Odintsovo, Krasnogorsk). Here, at the rate of fluoride in drinking water to 25% of the population identified fluorosis. Unfavorable situation for fluorosis observed in the Nizhny Novgorod, Penza, Tver, Smolensk region and other regions of the Russian Federation. And if you remember that in recent times, we have to get involved in mineral and natural water from regional sources? After all, the fluorine content in some of them exceeds the allowable rate of several times. Suffice it to say that doctors are advised to drink this water only in an amount of not more than 0.25 liters per day.

Imagine what effect can be expected from the people of these areas use a fluoride toothpaste. The desire to have a dazzling smile lead to trouble: fluorosis is virtually guaranteed.

And that's not the most serious consequences of excess fluoride. Dental scientists have suggested that consume too much fluoride during the years can not only lead to fluorosis, but also to the affected bone.

With an excess of fluoride we observe a toxic, poisonous their effect on tooth enamel. Flyuoros — irreversible destructive process. And it manifests itself in the age of 12-15 years, ie during the mineralization of teeth. This means that at the same time, excess fluoride begins actively to other tissues: connective, fibrous, endocrine glands, ligaments, blood vessels, hair. This can result in up to a serious disease. So, you clean that chew and drink to you, and we were warned.

Fluoride — a necessary microelements, the main role of which, along with phosphorus and calcium, is the formation of bone tissue and the formation of tooth enamel

An adult human body contains about 2.5-3 g of fluorine. The main reserves are contained in the bones and teeth. Fluoride from the body is derived mainly from urine.

What hides toothpaste?

How often do you brush your teeth? Most likely, one or two times a day. And how often have you thought about what substances are found in toothpaste, which you use from day to day, month after month? Virtually all modern large manufacturers of toothpaste, with the support of "scholars" claim that the content of hazardous substances there is "within normal limits." Daily "throwing a" 2-4 mg of toothpaste, we have a wide range of hazardous substances that the body does not have time to output. Because of this, all substances, whether we like it or not, accumulate in our body.

What toothpastes contain?

The vast majority of toothpastes contain fluoride!
Fluoride — a neurotoxin. Accumulates in the tissues and bones for years. Causes neural disorders similar to Alzheimer's, hurts the digestive system and joints, weaken the immune system (especially young people).
Symptoms of fluoride poisoning are similar to the common cold — chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, inability to recover from holiday.

Now very often advertised shampoo without sodium lauryl sulfate. But the toothpaste is a substance used to improve the lot of foam!
This substance is extremely active, quickly penetrates the skin and mucous membrane and accumulates in internal organs: liver, kidneys, heart, brain! Sodium lauryl sulfate dries the mucous membranes of the mouth, gums more sensitive to food acids, is the strongest abrasive — it leads to a thinning of the enamel!
Recent studies have shown that sodium lauryl sulfate has a negative impact on reproductive function in men.
By the way, in the industry sodium lauryl sulfate is used for washing floors in garages, used as a means for washing machines, etc.

Another bait advertising — antibacterial additive. Often as a supplement use triclosan, which kills bacteria in the mouth. Naturally, "a hot hand" get as harmful bacteria, and quite peaceful and healthy microflora.
These substances are especially dangerous to children, since children often swallow toothpaste!

DO "TOOTHPASTE" independently of the natural ingredients! It is very simple: —

To clean the teeth, you can use powdered white clay pigeons or. It is an all-natural, contain no harmful substances, quality cleans teeth of plaque and prevents tartar. Apply a small amount of clay on a wet toothbrush and brush as usual.

You can prepare herbal powder. Take equal proportions: thyme, chamomile, bay, clove, black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, and carefully and finely grind the ingredients. Teeth cleaning, apply a small amount of powder on a damp toothbrush.

When inflammation of the gums can be brushing powder made from sage leaves, he has a strong antimicrobial activity and a very pleasant taste. Sage also powder on a damp brush.

Here are a few recipes:

Banana toothpaste
Take equal parts of powder of dried banana peels, fine sea salt, olive oil and pine extract.

Toothpaste Karavaeva
The powder is white or blue clay mixed with balsam Karavaeva "Somaton", "Auron" or "Vitaon."

Eucalyptus Toothpaste
Mix fine table salt, baking soda, olive oil, and eucalyptus leaves powder.

Aubergine toothpaste
Baked eggplant mash until smooth. Add to gruel calcined sea salt in equal proportion to the weight of eggplant. Salt good brushing his teeth, and members of the eggplant substances strengthen the gums.

All these homemade pasta is very good brush their teeth, nourishes the gums, improve blood circulation, strengthen the roots and the tooth enamel.
And most importantly — they are not harmful to the body.
Having the pasta, you can not use a brush. The teeth are well cleaned fingers. At the same time massage the gums.


In a clean dry powder clay add cookbook or sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Such powder improves blood circulation of the oral mucosa, increases salivation, nourishes and strengthens the gums and teeth.
Powder is applied with a soft brush or a finger on the teeth. And since he has a great cleansing effect, the teeth they can be cleaned up to 1 minute.
To cleanse the teeth using dental floss, ie flossing. Very often, the gaps between the teeth and the side surfaces of the teeth are out of reach for toothbrushes and dental floss helps clean plaque from those places. Enjoy flossing is necessary before brushing. Also, use dental floss after every meal.
Thread is fixed fingers and start cleaning the far surface of the last tooth left or right side of the upper jaw, carrying several movements back and forth and up and down.
Wooden toothpicks preferable because they cherish the enamel. But you can also use plastic. You can not pick your teeth with needles, pins, etc. Metal objects scratch enamel, promoting the penetration of bacteria into the deeper layers of the tooth.
But, in order not to damage the periodontal tissues — ligaments gums and teeth — use a toothpick to very carefully.

Herbal (produced by plants) powder.

To make it, you will need: Powder erect cinquefoil — 2 parts airny powder — 2 pieces of birch bark and powder — 1 part. All the ingredients can be found in the herbal pharmacy. Mix the ingredients in the proportions, dilute with a little warm water to a thick creamy consistency and use the cooked mixture as toothpaste. Within an hour after brushing so you can not eat pasta.

For those who understand the chemistry, suitable wood ash. It contains potassium hydroxide — a compound which is absorbent and excellent bleaching agent. The toothbrush should be dipped in wood ash and brush your teeth. Wood ash can be mixed with toothpaste or powder.

But what mode you must enter to always smile:
In the morning, when brush your teeth, dial into the mouth of cold boiled water and rinse your mouth for three minutes, and then slowly swallow in three sips. This procedure strengthens the teeth and enhances salivation.
After the meal, the mouth should be washed carefully. Mouthwash is useful not only for your teeth, it is perfectly strengthens muscles of lips and cheeks.
Summer begins and are increasingly seen in the sale of fruits and berries, such as strawberries, strawberries, apples and cherries, which are necessary for healthy teeth.

More retseptik:

cumin powder 1 -2 table. spoons, baking soda — 1 teaspoon, salt — 1 tsp, vegetable oil — 1 tablespoon, lemon juice — 1 tbsp. spoon.

Stir all the ingredients thoroughly and brush your teeth.

2 Mix 1 teaspoon finely ground sea salt and honey until creamy state and add 2 drops of clove essential oil (you can substitute cloves to tea tree oil, camphor, pine, lavender, mint). Clean
teeth with this mixture.

And this mixture to massage the gums:
2 teaspoons sea salt finely ground + 3 teaspoons ground black pepper + 1 teaspoon turmeric +
add melted butter until creamy state.
Dip the finger in the resulting composition and promassiruyte gums in a circular motion clockwise.

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