What will sell MAZ?


Tsigankov: How is it should evaluate the idea that MAZ should enter into some sort of commonality with KAMAZ? Is there any positive aspects, or this is done it is only because the MAZ force to it?

Zaleski: The money ran out. Such a life is really nowhere to go. And the Russians have long wanted this MAZ to take in hand. That's a deal. As they say, "Mlada force and strangle the old."

Tsigankov: Belarusian ideologists, the authorities when opposed privatization, it is often said that Western concerns simply want to destroy the competition, and will not develop production. Or not we can expect the same from KAMAZ?

Zaleski: It's hard to judge for managers of KAMAZ. However, the following occurs: — 25 percent of KAMAZ they receive 100 percent of the MAZ. Therefore, it is very reasonable deal for them. What to do with this property? You can continue to do MAZ, you can place any orders for KAMAZ.

Funny thing happens — the fish absorbs the fish themselves equal in magnitude. Just because our "fish" now has a problem.

This will be a net sink. And the funny turns — the fish absorbs the fish themselves equal in magnitude. Just because our "fish" now has a problem.

Tsigankov: Belarusian economy has a social orientation. Each plant has a great big "social" — vacation homes, kindergartens and so on. Will the new owner to demand more efficiency?

ZaleskiMy experience is that it is not after, but before the merger. Is a comprehensive audit and clearing balance. From it spisvayutstsa green space and busts of Lenin and Stalin's comrades who are in Zawadzki club since 1953. They do not need it, they need fixed assets.

It is not that our MAZ hopeless. In terms of car production is a viable enterprise. He is not very viable in terms of vehicle sales. If he becomes Russia, the cars will go with a whistle at the very Russian. Only profit comes from the Russians, not us.


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