What you need to know about hernias

Medical statistics show that the hernia is an increasingly common disease. If in the 1980s in the Soviet Union carried out annually about 200 thousand hernia repair, now only in Russia such operations do almost twice as often.

Unfortunately, many people caught by surprise emergence of a hernia. They do not represent what is a hernia, than it is dangerous, as it is to treat. The answers to these simple but important questions gives Alexander eyed — Professor, Doctor of Medicine, head of surgical department and head of the scientific department of the clinic "Center of Phlebology".

Alexander, why do hernias occur?

The fact that the man in the abdominal wall is weak spots — the umbilical ring, inguinal canal, the linea alba, where there are natural openings that may occur bulging abdomen and internal organs. Of great importance here is a genetic predisposition, which is associated with muscle weakness. Risk factors include weight lifting, pregnancy and childbirth, a bad cough. As a result of these complex factors and may hernia. Furthermore, there postoperative hernias, which may form after surgery in the abdominal cavity of the scar.

Is it possible to cure a hernia?

Hernia feature is that it has the reverse of that is if there was a hernia, it will only improve. Regardless of the hernia, it can be infringed upon or inflamed, which is fraught with very serious complications. The longer exists hernia, the more stretched surrounding tissue, which in turn affects the complexity of the operation.

A hernia occurs suddenly? Or is it a long process?

Sometimes the sudden appearance of a hernia, but it also happens gradually. Sometimes a person begins to feel uncomfortable, something was bothering him in the stomach, which means that he first formed incomplete hernia (hernia within the channel), which is then converted into a full hernia. And it so happens that a person lifts something heavy, and at this moment he is the first protrusion.

Hernia is difficult to diagnose?

Usually hernia noticeably worried man: he feels the pain, discomfort, can not lead a normal life, play sports. However, in some cases, the hernia can occur and symptoms: a person does not experience any discomfort, but in any case there is a hernial protrusion — hernia appears as a hump in the navel or groin, so the diagnosis is usually not difficult. In rare cases (if the hernia is very small or if the patient suffers from overweight) for a more accurate diagnosis requires ultrasound study.

What are hernias?

There hernia vpravimye and nevpravimye, in the first case, pushing the hernia, you can straighten it in place, in the second case, the long existing hernia occurs injuries of internal organs, and formed adhesions, because of which it can not be right. This is a very dangerous sign, because this may impair hernia. It is better not to wait for this moment, and operated as soon as possible.

The more dangerous infringement?

Inside the hernia can be any organ of the abdominal cavity. If he is hurt I can start it necrosis, leading to peritonitis. In this situation, emergency surgery is needed because there is a serious threat to the patient's life. In such circumstances, the doctor saves the life of a patient, and he has neither the time nor the opportunity to remove a hernia modern sparing methods. Of course, the results of such emergency operations are usually much worse than with a planned hernia repair. Therefore, I strongly recommend that at the first symptoms of a hernia immediately seek medical attention. Do not be afraid of surgery, advanced medical technology can solve the problem quickly and efficiently hernia. In our clinic, such operations are conducted in a hospital one day as the patient performed hernia repair, and the very next day, he quietly goes home, and getting rid of a hernia, and the threat of infringement.

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