Where does the energy for life?

November 27, 2011 13:03

How is it possible to open a constant flow of energy? How to live with passion? As always, be able to operate? As always very practical and accessible to all practices, techniques, and recommendations. Made with love!

The goal was! A clear, motivating, leading goal always fills you with energy. Important: always set a goal specific, measurable, achievable, with deadlines, important to you. Fills it with emotion, for this and ask ourselves, in imagination, imagine pictures and answers to these questions. Imagine that you have reached your goal, how is it? How you feel, what you see, what you hear? What others say about you? What do you think of yourself at this point? What more can you reach the goal, thanks to this goal? And each time, when the energy level starts to drop, imagine a picture in your imagination to an end.

Relax! Qualitative relaxation accumulates an enormous amount of energy and allow it to flow freely in our body. Unfortunately, the life of modern man and the word "stress" has increasingly become synonymous. We always walk, sit or even lie down in a state of extreme stress on the body in such a state in the brain constantly generates a signal "danger!" And, of course, our body starts to run in standby mode or go into hiding, and only two option delivers the energy anywhere else. In this state, the question can not be on purpose, creativity and vitality. The only way — conscious, quality and regular relaxation. You can choose different ways: meditation, massage, flayting, passive recreation or view pictures of passive recreation (walking in the woods, relaxing on the beach or forest clearing), communication with animals.

Go to sleep! Sleep quality and timely fills us with energy, the body's cells can be updated, the energy is produced and actively accumulate. Perhaps everyone knows? What does a dream energodayuschim? Time — 5-8 hours of sleep, it is better to go to 22.00, and up to 06.00. Remember in this issue of "larks" and "owls", the rhythms of activity the earth, moon and sun are the same for everyone. Trained myself for 21-30 days to a similar rhythm, give up the clock. This will allow your brain to regulate the passage of all activity levels comfortably and wake up naturally.

Eat! Products that provide energy — fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs. Products that takes energy — the meat, "dead foods" — snacks, convenience foods, confectionaries. Longer during the day you can have a "giving" products, the higher the energy level and lower fatigue. Check it out! Drink more pure water!

Breathe! Yes, yes, breathe! But not as much as you did before, but in a new way — to understand and accurately. There are a huge number of breathing techniques, I prefer a simple and affordable technique of "immersion" — a deep breath through your nose (make sure that the shoulders are not raised, and as the air passes down and back, it seems that as bellows blown back and blown belly) — Delay breath for 7-15 Accounts (start small) — very slowly exhale through the nose, as if squeezing the air (start squeezing from the bottom up, as to release the air and tighten the stomach). And so from 5 to 20 times in one shot. Try to do these cycles two or three times a day in the fresh air. First, slight dizziness, it is perfectly normal, because our brain is not used to getting enough oxygen?

Move it! Light exercise gives a great result. Just go out on the street and take a walk or go to the office or to do a simple set of exercises. It works! Act! Important not to overdo it. Do not allow the body to dip, if you want to raise the energy level right now. If you need to be "in energy form," the next day, you can work out actively. In this scenario, you are most of the loading system, thus encouraging him to relax, and this triggers a mechanism for increasing energy levels.

Love! Love gives life meaning, thus fills our body and mind energy of creation. Here, advice from me, you will not see, love yourself?

Goodbye! Thank you! Forgiveness frees the internal energy of a person on a mental level. Forgiveness of self and others can find a huge source of joy, activity and vitality. And gratitude can exchange energy with other people and the universe.

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