Where is the currency? In the currency speculators!

Daily police reports about the arrest of so-called "currency speculators" — usually with large sums of money. Illegal currency traders appeared immediately after the currency disappeared from exchange offices of Belarusian banks.

For many people, the service "money changers" — the only way to buy dollars or euros. How does the new black market? What do they think about it Belarusians?

Vitebsk Region

In Orsha working again "Vietnambank"

In Orsha resumed "underground structure" currency speculators — vietnamtsav, who arrived in the Soviet era to work at Orsha Linen Mill, but soon changed the profile of activities: go to the market to sell, and then, at the end of the "wild 90s" — deal with currency exchange.

Immigrants from Vietnam settled near the city market in a five-story building, which was the popular name of "Vietnambank." Now, with the onset of a currency crisis, he regularly earned again, says Alex Orshanets:

"Money changers have always been, but they were not seen, and now" Vietnambank "already working — vietnamtsy who are always engaged in currency trading. They were here a few left, but they are! "Vietnambank" we call it.

To see the currency speculators, just go into the yard, where they live. Those wishing to make an exchange invited to the apartment, so there is some risk of being robbed members of the "fraternities" or bump into a police ambush.

All subjects had seen on television, as currency speculators grab.

There Orsha and Belarusians, money changers, but they act very cautiously. After all, had seen in the news as being punished for illegal exchange transactions, says Victor:

"All the subjects had seen on television, as currency speculators grab. Therefore, they act through intermediaries — and suddenly you're a representative of this most … Financial Investigations Department or the tax … Just because you can not see them, they also are not "out in the open."

Grodno region

Citizens safe options

The Grodno region can not be free to continue to buy the currency at exchange offices in this situation, offering its services to the forgotten back in the 90's money changers.

In fact, to pass favorable currency or purchase it in Grodno is quite difficult if you did not know the people who buy it or sell it.

Talk about these issues themselves refuse to money changers. Another thing, if you're not local. Then you can ask friends and acquaintances, which must be handled in such a situation.

It's easier when people turn to the familiar currency speculators and those carelessly change them money. But there are other options that are not always safe.

Mr."One of the options — change in firms. The city has many companies that sell computers and stuff, they need the currency. There has got to be friends. Come and they buy. There is another option: to sell the currency in the market or a taxi driver. But they look around, and people are very afraid of strangers. "

In the local press Grodno is no information on how to delay the currency speculators and how much money they have confiscated. Still curious things related to it, a lot.

One gentleman said that he was asked to buy the currency for himself a girlfriend, who herself works in the currency exchange office.

Mr."I took the money and went to see her in the same exchanger. Managed to secretly that I was there for something else was paying, as the money changers "slept" that someone has passed $ 50. And here I am careful not to have filled muzzle, so it did. And there they all, all rewritten, who was the first, second, third … . "

One gentleman in the queue before exchangers advise how best to deliver the currency if you do not have one of the familiar currency speculators.

Modern currency speculators may look like an old woman in a sweater, boots, dressed warmly, because to sit here at night.

Mr."People who are on duty around the exchanger can not always look like a classic money changers in sports trousers. Modern currency speculators may look like an old woman in a sweater, boots, dressed warmly, because to sit here at night. She also buy the currency at a favorable rate, and this will be the safest option. "

"How vyvarochvatstsa and circumvent the law, we have been taught for decades."

Where and how to extract Grodno currency when a pressing need?

Mr."This is an artificially made. Man get out, he will find those dollars — the currency speculators, "chaburdutchykav." We have raised several decades to vyvarochvatstsa, to circumvent the law. Like so: for one currency is not for others? Three-quarters of the life of Belarusians not seen, they work here, raise children, grow crops, they are not up to the currency. If someone somewhere hapanuv currency which, according to him is "attractive face" and all the other "snags".

Mr."If a person needs to buy the currency, he would have appealed. That I had a need, I would have. But it was not, I was not looking for where to buy it … "

Mr."If you want to exchange, it is not printed. And where are they — god knows. They have in the 1990s were, and where to find them now — I do not know. "

Mr."I do not know where the money changers are not encountered. But evolved to such a situation, it would look for a way out, because the currency is really nowhere to take. There should be an alternative or a commercial rate of sale. And if not, then nothing to do but to look for currency speculators. "

Student: "For the common man it help if need somewhere to go. Products are also sold already for the price at which the currency dealers peddling. So — what's the difference? You can stand for three days in a queue for currency and buy something, but for the majority of people when to go somewhere, buy something, money changers — only help. "


Currency dealers will not help entrepreneurs

Brest residents complain that more recently the currency at least in some way, you could buy, but now the situation is nearly hopeless. Currency dealers do not save the situation. Turn to them for small sums.

Entrepreneur of Brest Ludmila says that now the situation with the currency is extremely tense. Money is looking mainly through friends, relatives or from currency speculators, but not in the bank. Some who travel abroad for the item, take the goods on a loan, hoping that the situation will change. RBLs are not accepted by foreign banks:

"Two or three weeks ago, it was possible to somehow find the dollars and euros, and now the situation is quite different. Now there is not any currency. "

Currency dealers that offer dollars and euros, working with relatively small amounts. Courses in them — about 5000 rubles. When you purchase a large amount of money does not work Entrepreneurs profit, currency dealers said Valery:

"Not all risk refer to currency speculators"

"The currency can not be legally purchased. We are also not very'm working on. First, the relatively high rates. In addition, we are still under the law of criminals. The penalty is quite tough. Not all risks apply to currency speculators. People are more willing to go through the familiar to the owners
. Course in their suits and men, and merchants themselves. "

Entrepreneurs are now virtually become a new product. Many have accumulated a lot of Belarusian rubles, and they are insolvent, says entrepreneur from Brest Nikolay:

"My friend sells building materials. He showed me a huge bag of rubles. But the money for it now makes no sense. Buy something for them is almost impossible. He complains that there is no trade. Money is made are not wanted. "

Brest Entrepreneur Lyudmila acquired along with a familiar product in Russia. To pay for the acquisition, had to spend a few days looking for friends who have helped in this:

"Agreed through friends in the banks pay them to call us about the Russian Ruble"

"We had 100,000 Russian rubles. In currency speculators such amount is simply exorbitant money. Therefore, through a friend in the banks we agreed, paid them to call us, that have been put in Russian rubles. Now the work is extremely difficult, if not — it is impossible. "

Gomel Oblast

Every half hour — roll

Queues at exchangers "Technobank" and "Belpromstroibank", which are located in the regional center near the new store, Gomel started today creating a 2-hour of the night.

Says Mr. Vladimir, the father of the entrepreneur, which is necessary and currency:

Today, we have arrived at three o'clock in the car and were already the seventh.

"We are now at three o'clock arrived by car and were already the seventh. Lists are — a living place. Every half hour adnachaemsya. Half an hour passed — the roll call. If a time has not come, can still manage. The second time has not come — black out. "

Defined and the maximum size of purchases of foreign currency — USD 100 or 3,000 Russian rubles.

Noon at all "Technobank" has grown to nearly three dozen people. Steps in renovating the store: noise "Bulgarian", squeals drel. To the accompaniment of construction tools middle-aged man with a list in hand began another roll call:

"Luba? Where love him? No. What do we do? "

A woman from the queue: "Put a sign. Once again, late, and would like to Pylypenko two times did not come — struck off. "

A man with a list of "Tanya here, Galina and Svetlana — the rest are all in place."

Some chakalniki hold just two queues — a "Technobank" and "Belpromstroibank." The small distance between the exchanger allows to pass muster here and there.

A "Belpromstroibank" list keeps young woman. She at first in the queue, and therefore leads yard. He says that in the summer to take his family on vacation to the sea, and travel agencies now require payment for vouchers at the rate of $ 1 per 4,700 Belarusian rubles:

"We come to the travel agency, and we consider the cost of permits for 4700 — think on such a course unofficially. They do not believe the official exchange rate. "

The girl said that it was possible to save money for various needs, buying gold. But here, the government "squeezed" its citizens:

"Gold does not sell, even though it is a violation of the Convention. And I would have for their money Belarus Belarus would like to buy gold, but was banned, because if they buy up gold, then our country will fly to hell. The government has clamped a people. "

A young man from the queue states that the militia has chakalnikav not touch:

"The police did not intervene — we have the same here no riots. No it does not repel us, even at night. "



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