Who are the lunatics?

December 3, 2011 20:34

Healthy people, experiencing a moment in a dream dreams remain with fixed or, at least, do not leave the bed. Sleepwalker is continuing to sleep, leaving the bed and goes for a walk or automatically performs the work that he was dreaming. Having done his job, he returns to bed and sleeping peacefully until the morning, and waking up, can not remember anything about his nocturnal adventures.

A. Lehmann tells about an educated man, somnambulant: "One night he was caught for a translation from Italian to French, he rummaged in the lexicon, and a loss for words, as if using a light standing next to a candle. When the candle extinguished, he found it and then lit it. Meanwhile, it was completely unnecessary, as the room was lit by candles still others that he did not notice, because they do not know they lit "(Lehmann A. Illustrated History of superstition and magic from ancient times to the present day. M. 1900.).

Some sleepwalkers, unlike Lehmann's character, which during sleep to perform familiar, everyday activity, make a dream extraordinary actions in the waking state is not peculiar to them. Such cases are very interested in the prominent Russian biologist Mechnikov. In his book "Sketches of optimism", he describes such a case. In one of Paris hospital adopted a nurse hysterical girl 24 years, appeared sleepwalker. One night, the doctor on duty watching this scene. The girl gets up from the bed, lifted the attic, where the dormitory, where she had slept. "When he reached the top of the stairs, she opens a window facing the roof, out of the window, walking on the ledge in front of the other nurses, with horror watching over her and did not speak of laughing. Log back in another window and down the stairs. At this moment we see it, — said the doctor on duty — it runs silently, her movements mechanical, arms hanging along somewhat tilted torso, she holds her head straight and motionless, her hair loose, her eyes wide open. She is absolutely fantastic like a ghost. "
Metchnikoff believes: "Cases of this kind show that during natural somnambulism person acquires properties which had not up to par, and that he is strong, smart, a good gymnast, very similar to his anthropoid ancestors … The man has inherited from his ancestors many brain mechanisms whose activity was suppressed later developed brakes ". In these ancient lunatic brain mechanisms are more or less due to disinhibited braking later purchased that are unique to the person of the cortex. "Therefore, — concludes Metchnikoff — you can assume that the gymnastic feats and amazing strength sleepwalkers are returning to the brutishness, that is the instinctive manifestations climbing animal, what were the immediate ancestors of man" (I. Mechnikov Etudes optimism. M., 1913. ).

Somnambulism, or sleepwalking, — a type of abnormal sleep, which does not occur too often. Perhaps the different manifestations of sleepwalking was one of the causes of belief in the good spirit of the home — houses. According to legend, during the night, when everything in the house is asleep, as if the spirit does various household works, which did not manage to finish the day by the hosts. In reality, all this makes a family member who suffers from sleepwalking. In more rare cases are sleepwalking affects all family members. In our days such manifestations associated with rowdy antics spirits — poltergeists. A unique case of this kind is given in the book by Igor Vinokurov. In one family noticed missing from the refrigerator products. Conducted investigation, but no one recognized. Began quietly follow each other, but it did not help. Asked the doctor. The doctor offered to family members to watch them, and received permission, temporarily settled in the house. A few days everything was fine, but one night the doctor was awakened by the noise: it appears that his patients woke up and began to dress. He watched. The whole family got dressed, washed, went to the kitchen, and all took together to prepare for a night … dinner!
Open the refrigerator, lit the gas, heated up, we should have eaten, washed dishes, cleaned, as usual, for themselves, then undressed and went to bed.

In the morning they do not remember anything …

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