Who in Pakistan knew about the whereabouts of bin Laden?

Some details that surfaced after the elimination of the leader of "Al Qaeda" in a very bin Laden, has created tensions between the U.S. and Pakistan. In Washington, asked the question as the world number one terrorist could live in Pakistan, in fact, not really hiding?

Homestead, where bin Laden lived and where he was killed, was located in the small town Abatade, not far from the military academy. The leader of "Al Qaeda" is not feasting, do not even use the internet, but, according to experts, it is unlikely that Pakistan's intelligence agencies did not know who lives in a large mansion in the small town, especially since according to some accounts bin Laden lived there for the last 5 years.

John Brenan

Such assumptions expressed John Brenn, Head of the administration of U.S. President, in charge of the fight against terrorism:

"I consider it premature to exclude the possibility that there were people in Pakistan, possibly from the government circles who might be aware of the location of bin Laden. We are not blaming anyone now, but we want to know whether this is so," — said Brenan.

The degree of mistrust between allies story shows CIA Director Leon Panet magazine Time. According to the chief of U.S. intelligence, the Pakistani side is not informed about the operation against bin Laden, for fear that the information from Pakistani officials could leak and endanger the entire operation.

Pakistani officials have welcomed the death of bin Laden, while rejecting accusations that Pakistani intelligence agencies were too incompetent to catch the leader of "Al Qaeda" or vice versa — to know where he is hiding, but did not want to do anything.

Salman Bashir

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan Salman Bashir stressed that his country has played a key role in the fight against terrorism, the U.S. used Pakistani intelligence to find and kill bin Laden.

He expressed deep concern about the nature of the American operation, and said that unauthorized unilateral action should not become the norm.

The President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari in an interview with Washington Post dismissed the charges under which Islamabad conceal terrorists who were looking for the United States.

However, the fact that bin Laden has been elusive for many years, hiding in Pakistan, has raised questions not only in American politics.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, eAlain Juppesaid that he found it hard to believe that a large estate bin Laden could go undetected in a small town.

British Prime Minister David Cameron demanded that the Pakistani authorities to explain how bin Laden was able to live undetected in Abatade.

However, he noted that a shouting match on the issue with Islamabad would not be in the interests of London.

Mark Toner

Agrees with this opinion and the official representative of the U.S. Department of State Mark Toner:

"What happened on Sunday was largely the result of many years of cooperation. We believe that the continuation of this cooperation is not only long-term interests of Pakistan, but also to our national security."

Recent Posts U.S. authorities about the circumstances of the operation are slightly different from those which appeared at first. Now it is reported that he was unarmed when he was shot in the head. Earlier it was reported that he was involved in a shootout.

Now it is reported that one of bin Laden's wives was injured, but not killed.

Also now discussing whether to publish photos of the murdered head of Al-Qaeda. American government official spokesman Jay Carney said that the publication can heat of passion, and the head of the CIA says that the photos are probably yet to be published.

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