Will Russia its Special Operations Command?

Will Russia its Special Operations Command?

It is not so long ago, the South American media located on its own resources information on the plans of the U.S. administration significantly increment the number of hidden special operations abroad. Based on the analysis of the disk imaging, that the CIA and the Pentagon entrusted to prepare and bring in hundreds of new employees limit.

These plans could not remain unnoticed Russian Ministry of Defence. In the depths of the defense department talking about urgent formation of the Russian Special Operations Command (CSR).
I must say that military experts at in 2008 proved the need for the creation of a single management center Russian special forces. They also started to develop a specific plan and presented it to the former defense minister A. Serdyukov, who rejected all proposals on this issue. A group of officers from the General Staff, along with staff from the GRU addressed with the creation of the CSR project to the brand new Minister of Defense — Sergei Shoigu.

GRU, like other Russian power structures (Ministry of Internal Affairs and the KGB), failed to successfully survive a severe adjustment period and lawlessness 90s. Although structural changes were lowest in the GRU, but the ongoing reform has caused significant harm to the force component Intelligence Agency — Spetsnaz GRU. In reforming have been reduced combat-ready special brigade, and the remaining units were subordinated to the command of military districts. With a similar situation could not accept the officers, who considered it his duty to protect against the destruction of the most effective global exploration, to which even the opponents commandos treated with reverence tribute.

Much of the military believe that at the present time have a chance to not only return to their seats, and increase the level of control the military special operations.

Specialists believe that the withdrawal of the special forces from the GRU was a fatal mistake and harmed strategic intelligence division of the country. Hasty conversion of the 1st of the important security departments of the country led to the fact that the structure was dismantled engaged subversive work of the enemy on the ground. The main part of this formation were special brigade, which was intended for operations in the enemy’s rear, regardless of the geographical location of its territory. Now, as a possible theater of operations may be on the bolshennom enough distance from the borders of the Russian Federation (Africa, Asia), you need to have a structure that could well act in remote areas. Because, particularly at the moment, According to experts, it’s the time of creation of special operations forces command.

Developers of the project of creation of one special command units believe that the brand new structure will allow significantly do better coordination of interaction between different groups of special forces. As shown by the experience of combat Caucasian counter-terrorist operation, which took part in the special units of the FSB, GRU, MVD, even possessing the highest professionalism, these units because of the lack of coordination is not always able to do their tasks perfectly.

Similar bad experience uncoordinated action is and the USA. For example, the operation to free the hostages, who were at the U.S. embassy in Tehran (1980) is considered a failure of U.S. intelligence. In release participated special forces combat arms: Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. As a result, the raid killed eight soldiers lost concealed documentation, loss technique: a few helicopters and aircraft. When investigating this failed operation, experts have concluded that the basic premise of the disaster was the lack of a single center, the control actions different special units. Need to pay tribute to what the Americans swiftly eliminated a source of trouble. In 1987, Ronald Reagan, staying in office U.S., supported the decision to develop the U.S. Special Operations Command. Currently this structure controls the activity of special forces of the Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps and «Green Berets.»

That the time has come the creation of one special operations coordination center, as evidenced by the other world experience. For example, the decision taken by the German management in respect of its own elite unit.

German battle group for special purposes (CSC) was established to carry out special operations outside Germany. It faces puzzles reconnaissance on enemy terrain, for example: the establishment of the actual location and principled approaches to particular objects, dislocations enemy combat units.

German Bundeswehr right behind their South American employees in 2001 during the reorganization of the division formed a Special Operations (DSO). It is composed of all mobile units and connections frisky response also KSK special forces battle group.

To ensure the security of the Russian state, and the most difficult to fulfill combat tasks country actually need to have mobile battle groups for special purposes. Goats should be ready to operate in any region of the world, have the right equipment and weapons, and most importantly, be kitted modern means of communication to maintain at least some control operation in real time.

GRU has a great and unique experience in operations abroad. The proposed management plan for the formation of a special operations control center, it is proposed to introduce, besides special brigade, division of special purpose «Senezh» squadron squadron of helicopters and transport aircraft IL-76. It is also planned in the latest structure to enter the 45th Airborne Reconnaissance Regiment.

While this project. It is possible that in the process of implementation of the plan will be decided by the enlargement of the special forces of the Navy, Marine Corps and other military units of the Russian army. It remains to hope that a decision on the formation of Russian CSR will be made lately.

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