Without the currency afraid to order turpaezdki

In Grodno opened a three-day tourism fair "Summer 2011". How much impact the current crisis, asabaliva Exchange, the market of tourist services the regional city in the north-western border of Belarus?

Tourism fair held in the exhibition hall of the city, where there is usually exhibited paintings. On the first day visitors I hardly saw. For travel agencies there is no difference — how much currency as money for vouchers they do not take in rubles, and in euros. Another thing is that the lack of currency in the sale does not allow many Grodno confidently say to yourself that they are sure to visit the resort in the warm sea. The representative of one of the travel companies Irina:

Reducing the flow of people is already being felt.

"Naturally, all the firms concerned, given the current situation with the dollar and the euro. National Bank promises that will soon begin to sell the currency in private hands, but so far this has not happened. Reducing the flow of people is already being felt. This is a little scary. A year ago, it was a little different, so we were not worried about foreign tours. There was a more stable situation in the country, more stable currency. "

I am interested in: or gained in This year, themselves and travel, for example air? Another participant tourist fairs Mrs. Svetlana:

"Please have flights to Montenegro with departure from Minsk. You have in mind for recent years compare? We do not keep such statistics. But expensive as fuel becomes more expensive. "

Irina said that the flight can cost now thirty or forty euros more

"But as long as 330 euros to Montenegro flights there and back. Similarly, I can not say, but it was three euros flight — it's kind of, shall we say."

How much less was now willing to go to rest abroad? Mrs. Svetlana says:

"There are people who would like to travel, but there is no currency. Those tours that we offer have the advantage that there is a time padapasits currency. Payment does not occur on the day of the reservation, and — in the course of the tour. People have until still somehow prepare and friends in familiar somehow a way to buy the currency. Because the calculation is, of course, in the currency. "

An employee of firms padarynya Irina says about his first impressions with the tourism fairs:

Book Only those who believe more or less in their future.

"Unfortunately, the stress he lives and tourist. People from day to day, waiting for the currency to go on sale. They hope that they can go to relax, fit, ask — how much can you pull, do not book because, of course, the rejection of the tour also has some consequences. So while tourists are afraid of even the book, for they know not — will they be able to buy the currency? bookable only those who are more or less confident in its future. "

The situation is still very uncertain, padsumovavvae another employee of one of the travel agencies Grodno Mrs. Svetlana.

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