Witness policeman: I looked the other way

At the trial of the Frunze district court of Minsk police officers interviewed, the traffic police, who were beaten in the ex-presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva, as well as several witnesses for the accused.

Witnesses police Ignatieff and Pavlikevich— Partners. Work as part of a crew of traffic police, who patrol the streets of Minsk. About 17 hours December 19, 2010 and Pavlikevich Ignatieff, according to them, were informed that in the streets of The collector in a minivan "Volkswagen" green are forbidden to turn things. Perhaps even explosives, told the court police lieutenant Ignatiev.

Search said "Volkswagen" Ignatiev and Pavlikevich, they said, began at once, but only saw the car after 19 hours on the street The collector. "He was standing a few hours at the collector near the office of the" Tell the truth, "why you did not see him?" — Ask a question of the witness. "Viewers" — said the policeman Ignatiev.

During the interrogation, it was found out that Ignatieff looked not only that. For example, he did not see the beating Vladimir Neklyaeva people in black clothes who identified themselves as police officers and forced to lie "face in the snow 'headquarters activists Neklyaeva. Also on the face Neklyaeva after beating the witness said that "it was perfectly clean." Nyaklyayeu asked to confirm it in the eye.

Nekljaev"You're actually looking at me, as it was then. Tell me, were signs of beating or not? "

Maybe they later appeared, but then I have not seen since hematoma is later.

Ignatieff"Maybe they later appeared, but then I have not seen since hematoma is later. And I was looking for only one half of the face. "

Another policeman Ignatieff did not know who the third was with him in an official car with Pavlikevicham. "His name is Alex, he gave us to gain, but how did it, I do not know."

Indications partner Ignatieff Pavlikevicha were similar in the fact that he, too, did not see the beating Neklyaeva. "At that moment I looked away," — said Pavlikevich. On the third man in the car traffic police Pavlikevich said "maybe", but about the traces of beating on his face Neklyaeva said — "Yes, there was the wound."

Lawyer Tamara Sidorenko made to the judge read out an excerpt from the testimony of a witness during the preliminary investigation. From this it followed that Pavlikevich talking about a black eye and that Nekljaev allegedly "deliberately closed his eyes when he filmed the journalists." "You do not see the beating, why doubt causing injuries?" — Ask the lawyers. The witness referred to a subjective opinion.

Of the questions Anastasia Palazhanka to witness revealed that he did not come to the victims, including the Nyaklyaeu not called an ambulance, was not going to help the victims of beatings by unknown, since, according to the witness, the victims of these "disturbed public order." Here Pavlikevich meant that the activists of "Tell the Truth" rocked his company car.

Ex-presidential candidate Vitaly Rymashevski drew the following conclusions from the examination of witnesses:

"Obviously, the police lied. And in my opinion, the judge tried their testimony "pull up" to a more truthful. Otherwise, if there were witnesses on our side, that's how Dmitry Shurhay, there have been attempts to show that he is lying. "

A witness from Brest Dmitry Shurhay testified in court that the presidential candidate Rymashevski did not call for violence or to seize power. Meanwhile, by the witness, such testimony he sought from KGB investigators who used illegal acts, said a witness.


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