World endorses the elimination of bin Laden

World leaders welcomed the elimination of the leader of the terrorist organization "Al-Qaeda" in a very bin Laden. Some politicians have expressed caution that his death could cause a surge of terrorist attacks. In the world of strengthened protection of U.S. facilities.

Reviews of politicians and provides agency "Interfax-West".

The elimination of bin Laden is in a very critical step in the fight against "al-Qaeda", said Monday the president of the European Jerzy Buzek in his blog on Twitter:

"We woke up in a safer world. Although the fight
the international community against terrorism is not over, the crucial step in the actions carried out against "Al Qaeda." It will ensure the safety of millions of people of all religions who believe in peaceful co-existence "- said Jerzy Buzek.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said the killing of bin Laden will bring in a very great relief around the world, reports the British corporation BBC BBC.

"It is fortunate that they found him, and that he was no longer able to carry out their terrorist activities Worldwide"- Said the British prime minister. On He said, it's time to remember the victims of bin Laden and thank all those who defend the world from terrorism.

The Kremlin welcomes the serious success the United States achieved in the fight against international terrorism, told reporters at the press service of the President of Russia on Monday.

"Russia is one of the first faced with the danger posed by global terrorism, and unfortunately, knows firsthand what the" Al-Qaeda ", — said the press service of the Kremlin. They expressed confidence that" the wages inevitably overtake all terrorists " . The Kremlin has also emphasized that "the result can only bring together united fight against global terrorism." "Russia is ready to develop such cooperation", — said the press service.

The United States and other countries, including Russia, to take measures to prevent "retaliation" after the destruction of bin Laden, the leader of the opposition party "Yabloko" Sergei Mitrokhin.

"The destruction of bin Laden — this is a positive event. This is definitely a huge plus for Obama, "- said Mitrokhin. — Another thing Americans need is not so much to enjoy and celebrate the triumph, how many to prepare for possible terrorist attacks that are likely terrorists will try to conduct as acts of retaliation" — said the politician.

"Prepare necessary not only to Americans but also to other countries, including Russia, that" Al-Qaeda "said sayuznitsay Western countries in the fight against terrorism. Should dramatically increase attention to safety issues and prepare preventive measures," — said Mitrokhin .

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