Yoga in the air

I've never flown in a dream. Not afraid of planes and kindly envied those with a tremor in his voice told of how, during take-off and landing in all contracts and pushes you into a state bordering on syncope.

The only time I was able to experience something like they were young, when my lot to take video as newcomers paratroopers jumped out of the helicopter.

Hum …, wind, will open the hatch … and I "leash" — tied a rope to the floor, you do not accidentally take off after the others. Stranglehold grabbed the camera, and to hatch — just a couple of steps and under the feet of the open sky …

I think this mix of imminent danger and something new, the beyond made me realize for the first time clearly, as I do not have enough of the stories about flying, so often recalled, speaking of something magical, inspiring, exciting. Yet reason and common sense held by a gust gave up hang-gliding, skydiving, kliffdayvingom and other variations on the theme of free fall. Moreover, the share of adrenaline I could always get my husband navigated between Kamaz on the Ring Road, driving karts or tyagaya dumbbells in the gym. In general, slowly waiting for a miracle had retreated into the subconscious, but as they say, if the destiny, not wriggle …

Actually, it was a fairy tale come true in the gym and out of the blue …

AntiGravity Yoga every year it becomes more and more popular around the world. Its creator is Christopher Harrison, a former dancer on Broadway. It is called "Flying Guru" because it does teach people to fly — in theater, television shows, sporting events, music videos and performens at rock concerts. Harrison — World specialist in gymnastics, for the love of acrobatics troupe gathered AntiGravity ®. In addition, he is the creator of many adaptations to exercise in the air. Among these unique hammocks …

Air gymnastics

— Oh, and why do we need so many sheets from the ceiling? — Exclaimed every second penetrating the room for group programs ..

— We'll teach you to fly, — smiled in response instructor Yesenia.

Of course, more to it from all sides poured the question "how? So what? But for real? Is not that dangerous? .. ", Until they all merge into a single drone.

— First things first: first tell, then show, then — to learn. Sit back, we start …

Yesenia stretched canvas of white cloth hanging in front of her and waved her hands holding the edge, forming a real white sail.

— The idea of using fabric as inventory in stage productions aerial acrobatics is relatively new — it appeared in 1990. Christopher first had the idea to replace the rope with a cloth in a hammock or swing. And he came to the conclusion that some sort of sitting in the armhole is more secure than rope rope.

Now my colleagues and I will introduce you to a presentation, key elements of which you can see in the videos and shows such famous people like Mariah Carey, Pink, 50 Cent, and even in the presentation on the occasion of the inauguration of Barack Obama …

Yesenia, Milena and Olga straightened itself hammocks and easily jumped into them. In the hall dimmed lights, meditative music sounded … and the girls began to flit around the room just like a butterfly, then flying up to the ceiling, turning it upside down, then swaying like a swing, then completely disappearing inside the hammock like a cocoon.

Angels, flying dogs, floating children …

Among came to the workshop and then heard the oohs and aahs, and especially impressionable clutched at his heart.

— And now it's your turn — said Yesenia, when the show is over, and around the training room hung hammocks. People immediately divided into two camps: those who ran headlong take place closer to the trainers and front of the mirror, and those who waved his hands and began to move toward the door, saying, "Oh, I'm scared!"

— Afraid there is nothing — Soothing Yesenia. — Fabric and fixing withstand up to 400 pounds (Ladies in the body with very livened up, and most of them ceased to "retreat" to the exit). Contraindicated in these exercises only those with back problems, had a head injury and blood pressure problems. For all others — is a great way to find your hidden abilities and receive not only adrenaline, but also help your body to be updated regularly.

One more thing — better to come to class in the form of a long-sleeved, because some of the exercises involve hanging and swinging on the shoulder belt — when the fabric keeps the body in the armpits. At first, it may take a little discomfort.

All who choose to "learn to fly" immediately began to get acquainted with their hammocks: specks on them all over, even tried to jump, twist — just fooling around as they could.

How butterfly chrysalis

— Now stand in front of a hammock, grasp the edge — big fingers should be in a hammock — and make the six assembly fingers to you in his hand was a tangible piece of cloth — continued Yesenia. — Then your arms to the width of the pelvis and move the tissue just below the buttocks. And then … one motion vprygnite in the hammock!

In a single movement managed to jump away from all, but in the end hall was filled with white cocoons, from which every now and then peep smiling faces and hung dangling feet.

As in any yoga was first meditation — it needs to be completely taken away in a hammock and be … practically in your own home / needle / cocoon / womb … What did not draw the imagination at a time! Soft music, soft light.

— If anyone slumber, do not worry, it's good — Yesenia anticipated my request "wake up, when suddenly …".

After the slow movement, began active. We got up in the bar (yoga posture), makes the corners (and even I — which is just feet from the ground, tears with great difficulty!), Swing and hung all the weight. Fabric withstood everything — even our clumsy attempts to try it on the tooth and strength. We had fun as kids, but our every muscle in the body felt a deep massage. Especially — hip, because they often have to strain when you had poelozit to distribute the fabric under the buttocks and knees. But the interesting thing was to come …

Flights in Dreams and in Reality

— And now, something for which we have invited you. Ready to take off?

We were ready for everything — it was interesting and fun.

— Stand behind the hammock. Take his fists. Place it on the level of the pelvic bones, holding hands. Take a step forward and stand on the toes — feel the tension in the pelvis. Lean forward slightly. Straighten your arms — do not cease to feel the tension of the fabric stays. Now … Let go of your feet!

— Mom! — And only managed to shout me. — I'm flying!

Behind me too someone squealed with delight. And it was a very impressive growth, middle-aged man.

It was great … On the one hand it is a sense of freedom, and the other — you know that it is literally your doing — you can speed up, fly higher, or, conversely, smoothly glide over the surface. Take off, stops and comes back. More … And more …!

— We continue the conversation, — a voice Yesenia. — Next we are waiting for "Flying Dog" — your first inverted pose …

That's because … As a child my grandfather often stood on his head and tried to teach me. Memories of this I still vague — because of this venture so nothing came of it. The main problem was that the head had to be it. And that's what I have not worked. But hang … "Flying Dog" to "tame" instantly! Especially amusing spin on its axis and the reflection in the mirror! Again the feeling of flying tickled the nerves. At the end of the master class, we again climbed into the hammock together and meditated. And this time I really just do not sleep.

Yesenia went on to tell about the benefits of AntiGravity Yoga, where, among other things, had a lot of all necessary for the spine and muscle relaxation, to strengthen the vestibular and balance, to increase the severity of the reaction and self-esteem and even artistry.

So … The next morning, I ached all the body (of course — the habit is!). Muscles "screaming" on the work done, and the skin eloquently reminded of contact with the fabric. But the euphoria was held for almost a week! In the hands of all disputes, and universal duty fatigue descended almost to nothing. Shoulders dealt themselves, as if preparing to take off at any time, the stomach tightens, expecting about breath. Earth seemed superfluous feet. I even started to think seriously about the glider!

Needless to say that practicing AntiGravity determined constant in my schedule. And yet … I finally decided "even walk" their 11-centimeter "pin"!

Lola Derzhauskayte

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