Young Irkutsk scientists have developed a 3D-model of road accidents

Young scientists in Irkutsk have drafted a three-dimensional circuit accident. In Europe, this experience has already been applied.

Unknown, did not notice here is the result — an accident. Fortunately the drivers, it's not a real accident. Students and teachers Irkutsk Technical University is conducting an experiment. Using a special laser device they need to make a three-dimensional model of a traffic accident.

— He removes a million points per second, that is for three minutes, he gets so exact situation, so a lot of points that get a realistic picture, — Says the student Irkutsk Technical University Dmitry Slugin.

Smart device covers every inch on the site of a collision. First, image scans, and then photographed. Even in the dark. Dents, scratches, stopping distance of cars and everything else that gets in his lens, for example, the passer. Scale — one to one. This technique inspect buildings, bridges and other engineering structures. Irkutsk scientists have proposed to expand its capabilities.

— The human eye is still not all uglyadet. Sometimes it can be measured is not the whole situation is an accident, and some details that tend to be important, they are lost. And with the help of this technology you can capture the whole picture. And there can be no omissions, — The senior lecturer of Irkutsk Technical University Evgeny Belyaev.

Accident scanned two points. Approach the site of the accident is not necessary. Laser technology sees the damage to a few tens of meters away. What is important on busy routes. The advantage of such impact assessment collision not only in accuracy and reliability. The whole procedure will take about ten minutes. At the traffic police inspectors know the drivers, the time for drafting the minutes takes much longer. Now the device data to be loaded into a computer program. And the 3-D model of road Spe ready.

— We can see from any position — top, left, right, on all sides. Here you can see how well gone. All scratches.

The dispersal of the fragments, the distance between the machine-to-curb. Virtual circuit can be turned over to enlarge. In Europe, the 3-D modeling of an accident has already been applied. In Russia there is not. Young scientists in Irkutsk your project are going to offer the insurance companies and the traffic police. After all, it will allow them to objectively assess the damage from an accident, and at the same time more quickly to deal with traffic jams that often arise due to road accidents.

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