Young people helped the Belarusian-class equipment

Young members of the Popular Front movement "Revival" Mogilev today handed over the administration of the local school board student's number 1 for the Belarusian-language class. Funds for Cleanup of its activists have collected. According to one of them, Edward Borovikova, frontovskogo young people decided to help only in Mogilev Belarusian-language classroom to the learning process was the best possible quality.
Prezentam came to pass three members of the cooperative.
"We learned from parents whose children are studying in the classroom, they do not have the board. Here we have collected and bought it. It stands 480 thousand. The administration reacted positively to our initiative. Today I went to school, and I was told almost on the threshold of what we have been waiting for. We were in the classrooms, it is large enough. Are the ports, there Belarusian-literature. Now all children are taught in Russian and Belarusian-class one in Mogilev. And she has the right to to exist, so we are helping her and, "- said Edward Borovikov.
In the only Belarusian-first grade student three students — two girls and a boy. Together they have been weaned for almost a year. Revelation class family Soloviev made for my daughter Christmas trees. Later joined her brother and sister Vlasov.
"This is a very well, so that young people did. The problem with the board existed originally. The school board for our kids were not. This board will come in handy in the second grade. Have a problem with the desk, which would correspond to the growth of children. With textbooks and other literature are no problems, "- says the act of Youth Hope Solovyov, the mother Belarusian-pershaklyasnitsy Christmas trees.
While frontovskogo youth raised money for school equipment, near the building of a new city hall of Mogilev Belarusian-poster "Near to Belarusian language. "His story — Belarusian-family.

Belarusian-language placard near the town hall

In addition to Mogilev, two Belarusian-language classes have in district Hills. In Asipovichy in Belarusian children study at a local high school number 1. More Belarusian-class urban area there.

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