Young people involved in policing


Around 1,200 young vigilantes Novosibirsk are actively involved in policing and patrolling areas of joint work with the inspectors for minors and TOSami.

This was during a straight line the chief of staff of the City of Novosibirsk volunteer squads Ivan Svorob. According to him, today the city has 22 student detachment policing, 12 youth associations at the TOC, 5 regional voluntary youth squads, 2 specialized unit ("Lawyer" and the joint activity with the traffic police) and the Urban Operations youth squad . In the short term, the creation of the youth squad in transport, which will assist the police in the suburban trains. Between the Committee on Youth Novosibirsk city administration and the Office of Police Transport for SFO reached a tentative agreement on the issue. Most of the combatants — students aged 20-25 years. Young workers aged 25-35 is only a quarter of the volunteers, and mostly specialists of the Kalinin and Kirov regions.

Youth squads maintain public order on college campuses and dormitories, with joint patrols with patrol police at demonstrations and meetings with the staff of the Center "E". Together with the precinct police cadets are working on team sites, participating in bypassing the territories and maintaining order. Volunteers, law students often help in dealing with juveniles who have committed offenses. In cooperation with the inspectors of Juvenile Justice and police future lawyers attending parents, talking with young offenders.

"The work is unpaid vigilantes — said the chief of staff of the City of Novosibirsk volunteer squads Ivan Svorob. — It is a voluntary initiative to work for the good of the city to ensure law and order. "

Before you start working young volunteers must undergo a short training course, which includes situational and psychological training as well as practical training. For example, to patrol the vigilantes are allowed only after the instruction that takes place for all police officers before going on duty.

In order to join the squad, you must submit an application to the headquarters of the district youth militia or volunteer squads City, undergo a medical examination and interview.

Further information can be found at tel.: 218-50-44, 218-44-80, volunteer militia headquarters city of Novosibirsk.

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