Young scientists SFU awarded diplomas MAKS-2011

Young scientists Siberian Federal University X were awarded diplomas of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011 in Zhukovsky.
SFU development of civil unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a complex aircraft and ground control systems on display in the pavilion "University science."


SFU for the first time took part in the Salon, but the university team received offers of cooperation in the field of UAV aerial photography, as well as in the development of software and hardware UAV.

The delegation included specialists from the University Department of unmanned aircraft systems student design bureau of the Institute of Engineering Physics and Radio Electronics SFU Ivan Makarov, Igor Krylov, Nikita Fights, Alex Popkov and Peter Sharshavin.

Each element of the complex was designed by students, undergraduates and young professionals SFU industrial enterprises of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.
"All parts of the complex, including a special tablet computer to monitor the unmanned aerial vehicle, we have developed ourselves. It lays in such features and characteristics that are, in our opinion, will find wide application in the development of the civil sector in the near future"- Said one of the authors of the project, Ivan Makarov.

Unmanned aerial vehicle "Delta" has a takeoff weight of 6 pounds and is designed to meet the challenges of aerial photography and visual observations in real time. In this application worked for geophysics, particularly in electrical.

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