Younger cadres in rural schools

In the Yaroslavl region younger teaching staff in rural schools: If in 2007 there were only 11% of teachers under the age of 35 years, now they have 23%.

Not surprisingly, there is no shortage of personnel in the rural area schools. Although a year ago, there was not enough three hundred teachers.

 According to the director of the regional department of education Tatyana Stepanova, such positive trends in the work of schools in the province due to the fact that in recent years the government has significantly increased the region's social support teachers in rural schools.

The base salaries of teachers in the village in the Yaroslavl Region is now 25% higher than in the city. And teachers with diplomas of universities and colleges that have come to work in the village, lifting pay equivalent to three salaries. In addition, young professionals to provide benefits to pay for electricity and heating.

It is also important that the government of Yaroslavl more vigorously solve the housing problems of the graduates of teacher training institutions. In 2011, 26 young rural teachers received cash grants for the purchase of apartments, and in 2012 grants will be awarded 34 young professionals.

Of course, rural teachers appreciate not only, maybe, not so much for the fact that they are not afraid of village life, but also for their professionalism.

The other day summed up in Yaroslavl regional competition for teachers seeking state support in the amount of 100 thousand to 200 thousand rubles. "And what is interesting — said at a meeting of the tender committee adviser to the Governor of the Yaroslavl region, Irina Lohanin — not the city, namely the rural teachers have shown professionalism top flight."

Such a brilliant assessment, as they say, "aerobatics" and earned a graduate teacher's college Marina Smirnova. Becoming a teacher in a rural primary school Lyubimsky metro area, she received the Presidential grant of 500,000 (!) Rubles.

And this money, you can spend as you like: whether to buy an apartment, or a car, or go on a world cruise. That is, there are no restrictions in this regard. And more so, no one will stand over, controlling spending the recipient of the grant. Young teacher should only work out in a rural school for at least five years. These are the conditions of the Presidential contest of rural teachers.

It is clear in these circumstances that the hopes for the revival of the rural schools are beginning to strengthen. At least as regards Yaroslavl region.

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